Netflix's The Umbrella Academy Collectibles: the Dysfunctional Super-Powered Family Prop Replica's from Dark Horse Comics



The Umbrella Academy has taken the world by storm with its super-powered and dysfunctional family dynamics. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of The Umbrella Academy collectibles, inspired by the hit Netflix series. Season 3 is now available for streaming, so let's unbox these prop replicas and explore the intriguing story of this extraordinary group of estranged siblings.

Discover the origins of this comic book-based series, created by author Gerard Way and released by Dark Horse Comics in 2007. In 2020, Dark Horse Deluxe, the product line of Dark Horse Comics, introduced a remarkable series of 6 - 7 inch maquettes based on The Umbrella Academy show.

These collectibles are not just inspired by the series; they are actual prop replicas. Spoiler-free and true to the source material, they mirror the memorable scene from episode 7 - "The Day That Was." This scene showcases a young boy collecting figures of the Umbrella Academy heroes during their superhero training days. Later, a complete collection is seen displayed in the Hargreeves Estate.

Luther Hargreeves - The Spaceboy: The first collectible in the set is Luther Hargreeves, also known as The Spaceboy. Encased in a simple yet elegant black and white window box design, the packaging features the Netflix and Umbrella Academy logos. The family crest adorns the back of the box, while one side displays a close-up of Luther from the family portrait. This figure depicts Luther wearing his vintage training uniform, complete with the family crest on the jacket. Attached to a base featuring the Umbrella Academy logo, Luther is posed with his arms flexed, showcasing his super strength.

Diego Hargreeves - The Kraken: Next up is Diego Hargreeves, known as The Kraken. The packaging for this collectible mirrors the design of the previous one, with the addition of show logos and the extended family crest. A still image of the family painting of Diego graces one side, while the other side showcases the figure. Diego, portrayed as a rebellious troublemaker, is depicted in his vintage training uniform. With the ability to curve the trajectory of objects, including knives and bullets, Diego is poised to launch a blade, capturing his dynamic nature.

Allison Hargreeves - The Rumor: Moving on, we have Allison Hargreeves, also known as The Rumor. The packaging maintains the consistent black and white window box design, adorned with show logos and the extended family crest. One side showcases a close-up of Allison from the family painting, while the other side features the figure itself. Allison, a celebrity with the power to control minds and bend reality, stands proudly in her vintage training uniform, with a unique skirt setting her apart from her male counterparts. Her signature pose involves holding her hand up to her mouth, ready to whisper the iconic phrase, "I heard a rumor."

Klaus Hargreeves - The Seance: Next in line is Klaus Hargreeves, also known as The Seance. Following the pattern of the previous collectibles, the packaging maintains the black and white window box design, with the family crest and show logos. The sides of the box feature a close-up of Klaus from the family painting and a depiction of the figure. Klaus, a flamboyant drug and alcohol addict with the ability to communicate with the dead, is presented in his vintage training uniform. With one hand extended, he appears ready to establish a connection with the other side.

Number Five - The Boy: The collection also includes Number Five, simply referred to as The Boy. The packaging design remains consistent with the other collectibles, showcasing the family painting and the figure on the respective sides. Number Five possesses the ability to jump through space and time. The figure accurately portrays him in his vintage training uniform, poised in a running stance, prepared to traverse through space-time with his unique abilities.

Ben Hargreeves - The Horror: Lastly, we have Ben Hargreeves, also known as The Horror. The packaging maintains its uniformity, featuring the family painting, the figure, and the show logos. Ben possesses the ability to summon tentacled horrors from his body. Unlike his siblings, Ben's figure is distinctive, with his jacket open and tentacles emerging from his chest. This attention to detail makes him an intriguing addition to the collection.

The Umbrella Academy collectibles offer fans an incredible opportunity to own a piece of the dysfunctional yet captivating world of this super-powered family. Each figure is meticulously crafted from lightweight resin, ensuring durability without compromising fine details. With their vintage training uniforms, unique poses, and accurate depictions, these prop replicas truly resemble the characters from the show.

Whether you're a fan of Luther's super strength, Diego's telekinetic abilities, Allison's reality-bending powers, Klaus's communication with the dead, Number Five's space-time manipulation, or Ben's tentacled horrors, this collectible set brings the beloved characters to life. Don't miss the chance to add this dysfunctional superhero family to your collection! You can find the complete set of all six collectibles at

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