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In 2018 Marvel Studios celebrated their “First 10 Years” honoring their 10 years of films since the original Iron Man release in 2008. 

To commemorate their cinematic collection of some of the world’s greatest super heroes and villains, Hasbro partnered with Marvel Studios to create a new line for their Marvel Legend series with Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years.

It would include 10 premium figure releases from across the MCU’s most patriotic, mystical, Hulk-busting and dance-worthy blockbuster hits. 

We get a special 2 pack window box for this release, that shows both figures and accessories. The large Marvel Studios The First 10 Years Logo in the top and what I love that they did with the logo is hiding the number “10” as the I and O in  studios. Very clever!!! The legend series logo in the other corner up top. Thor and Sif in text at the bottom. A wonderful giant Hammer icon between the 2 and finally Thor the Dark World logo at the bottom. 

On the side a really cool comic-like look of clips from the films again with the Dark World logo at the bottom. Up top a big faint but glossy Marvel Studios The First Ten Years logo. Around back the Legends and Marvel Studios logos, a big #5 for the 5th release in the series. A short bio of each character and then 2013 and the movie poster. Finally the last side again the Studio 10 year logo, the hammer icon again, and then a description of the movie. 

Legendary warrior, Sif,  fights alongside childhood friend Thor in the Marauders’ (Mar-Rod-Ers) war at the battle of Vanaheim to regain control and peace to the nine realms. To end the siege, Thor strikes down the giant rock monster and together, Sif and Thor take the Marauders (Mar-Rod-Ers) prisoner and bring them to Asgard to face justice.

Here we have Thor, very tall compared to other legends figures, but totally goes along with his character. He wears screen accurate armor, with a very dark bluish gray and then metallic gold highlights and a bright red cape, long flowing hair and a beard. Very fine detail in the hair and beard you can see the blond hair with some brownish shading. He has 23 points of articulation, in his head, shoulders, biceps, elbow, wrist, torso, waist, upper thigh, knees, ankles and feet. And he comes with this iconic thunder god Hammer! He stands about 7 inches tall.

As a long time ally of Thor and powerful Asgardian warrior we have Sif. She very much resembles actress Jamie Alexander, wearing screen accurate silver armor with dark maroon and gray undergarments, with very fine detailing all the way down to the texture on the armor, it really looks like iron. She comes with 19 points of articulation in her head, her shoulders, elbow, wrist, torso and waist, legs, knees and ankles, and battles with her shield which also has lots of detail in the mold and that continues into, her spear that can detach into 2 swords and her main sword. She stands just over 6 inches tall. 

Both Thor & Sif are modeled after the iconic fight between Asgardian warriors and the powerful Rock Monster! 

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