DC Artists Alley: James Groman's Terrifying Beast Collection of Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and Killer Croc



If you've ever wanted to see your favorite DC heroes and villains transformed into horrifying beasts, then you're in for a treat with the DC Artists Alley collection by James Groman. This highly-detailed, limited edition series is based on designs from some of today's cutting edge artists and brings unique, artistic viewpoints to the DC Universe through designer vinyl.

James Groman, a monster-obsessed, multi-medium and former Madballs creator, highlights his characters in a delightfully exaggerated and gory way. He reinvented Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and Killer Croc, and his reimagination of these four beloved characters evoke both wonder and terror.

Starting off the series is a monstrous Batman, a cross between a bat and a beast with bright green veiny muscles, giant wings, and a "bat belt" with some very familiar items, such as Bane's mask, Scarecrow's head, and the Riddler's hat. This figure is by far the biggest of the series and is ready to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who stands in his way.

The terrifying Killer Croc is also part of the collection and is portrayed as a toxic waste-covered horror show with creepy crawlies covering his body. Featuring a snapping turtle on his shoulder, a snake growing out of his arm, rats on his chest, a croc head on his foot, and a container of mutagenic sludge on his back, this figure comes with a tail that attaches.

Two-Face is reimagined as one giant head sitting atop a chair, holding a grenade that may or may not be thrown depending on your luck. Out of all the pieces, this one pays homage to Mad Balls and is ready to take him right out of his chair and throw him around the room.

Last but not least, the Joker comes rolling in at top speed, imagined as a long-necked, toy-box-esque monster Jack-in-the-Box with roller skates on his feet. His purple hair is flowing out of his head like a jester's hat, and his smile is super wide with a jet pack strapped to his back, ready to have some crazy fun.

Each of these figures features a variety of bold colors that bring these sculpts to life and reflect their bold personalities in a sick twisted way. To fully match the artist alley origins of the figures, each box includes a print featuring the original artwork the figure is based on, and they are hand-numbered based on the limited run of 3000.

If you're interested in adding any of these pieces to your DC collection, all four of Groman's Artists Alley creations are available now on Toyshnip.com. Don't miss your chance to own these highly sought-after figures and add a new level of terror to your collection.

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