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What's in the Video:

Bluey & Family Set with new expressions

  • Excited Bingo
  • Silly Bluey
  • Sleepy Chilli (Mum)
  • Sleepy Bandit (Dad)
  • Bingo
  • Socks
  • Muffins

    Family Backyard BBQ

  • Dad (Bandit)
  • Chef Hat
  • BBQ Grill
  • Picnic Table
  • Salad 

    Fancy Restaurant - Bluey & Bingo 

  • Chef Hat
  • Menu


  • Dad (Bandit)
  • Holds the whole family
  • Stickers
  • Open the Roof
  • Surfboard Rack
  • Surf Boards

  • Ryan's Review:
    "I usually don’t care much about shows that I watched, but this one is so good that I feel like I have to write this lengthy review. This show achieved something deemed impossible, a show that is educational and enjoyable for large demographic audience. 

    This show adopts 2D animation, which is a fresh breath when recent shows are dominated in 3D animation. The art strikes the perfect balance between quality and childishly-cartoonish. It is detailed enough to be enjoyable, yet simple enough to not get overwhelmed with. Facial expressions are nicely expressive without over-exaggeration.

    The soundtrack is the part that I really admire and I find it to be very impressive. Each episodes have their own dedicated soundtracks and they fit the theme really well. The soundtracks are actually dynamic with the scene as if the soundtrack isn’t an afterthought or just a filler like in many other shows. The whole dedicated soundtrack and storyline integration in this show is incredible and is an overkill for such genre. This is one of those little details that is subtle but has dramatic impact on enjoyment, which many people take for granted.

    The characters are well thought-out and the Heeler family is a good representation of what an ideal, yet realistic family looks like. Bandit is actually a good dad figure and isn’t portrayed as dumb and incompetent as in many other TV series. Chilli is a caring character that knows how to handle most situations. Bluey and Bingo are near perfect impersonation of siblings with their imperfections. While this family looks like the pinnacle of family dream, they're not perfect in a way that they set an unrealistic bar for other families.

    This show is supposed to be an educational kid show and from my observation, it does live up to its claim. For the episodes that are oriented in moral value, they teach good life lessons and tips. For example, how kids need to be more patient and giving parents tips on how to negotiate with their kids, on episode Wagonride. Notice how I said both kids and parents? Because the life lesson isn’t limited to just kids, parents can actually learn something.

    For episodes that are oriented in entertainment value, they’re a bit more enjoyable and sometimes gives life tips. For example, how to set up games as seen on episode Keepy Uppy. Other episodes are just a slice-of-life story such as episode Teasing and can be pretty tear-jerker like episode Camping. Of course there are episodes that achieve both moral and entertainment value and they’re truly the pinnacle of storyline quality, such as episode Bumpy and The Wise Old Wolfhound.

    The co-viewing concept adopted by this show as stated by the producer of this show Joe is an excellent decision. To achieve such concept, they have to ensure the show is bearable for older audiences. The lack of stupid repetition, overly dumbed-down characters, unnecessary narrator, garbage graphics, nursery rhymes and things that drive adults crazy. There are also jokes and relatable moments for parents to laugh at and all of that without any inappropriate message. I can see the parents are engaged with this show, indicated by the reviews, blogs, and podcasts made by parents.

    My conclusion is, this is a nicely-crafted family series, disguised as "preschool show", and I have no shame admitting that I'm a bit too invested into this series despite being out of demographic target. For those who are looking for a quality, kids-friendly, parents-tolerable, realistically-written animated series, look no further. Bluey it is."

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