Transformer Toys Reviews: Expert Opinions on 3 Popular Models

Transformer Toys Reviews: Expert Opinions on 3 Popular Models

If you're looking for a stunning product to surprise your little one, you can't go wrong with Transformer toys. Even though they were first released in 1984, they're more popular than ever. A destroyer robot that transforms into an ultra-fast vehicle and has an intricate design? It doesn't get any better than that.

However, you don't want to buy a random product. You need a Transformers masterpiece, and we'll help you find one. Our Transformers toys reviews will take a look at three of the most popular models from the Transformers cyberverse: Lio Convoy, Legacy Blitzwing, and Windblade.

Criteria for Evaluating Transformer Toys

When reviewing the products, we considered these factors:

  • Playability – Do the different modes allow for play variety?
  • Durability – Is the toy well made?
  • Colors – Do the colors work well with each other?
  • Design – How accurate is the design?
  • Transformation – How seamless is the transformation and articulation?

Transformers Masterpiece Lio Convoy Review

The first toy we'll take a look at is the Transformers Masterpiece Lio Convoy. It's easy to see why the manufacturer has decided to turn this character into an action figure, given its role in the storyline.

Lio Convoy is a proud member of the Generation One family. This Maximal embodies everything your kid has come to love about Transformers. He's brave, righteous, and one of the fiercest robots in disguise in the Transformer universe. As such, it's no wonder why he's part of memorable battle scenes throughout the lore.

All in-depth Lio Convoy reviews start with a backstory. Now that we've covered the basics, let's dive deeper into this action figure.


Like other Transformer figures, Lio Convoy has two versions. If your child is tired of the traditional robot and vehicle modes, you'll be glad to know that the toy doesn't belong to this category. Instead, it's a blend of a mighty lion and robot that leaves forces of evil cowering in darkness.

When it comes to the size of this model, it's a larger figure than many other toys in your kid's collection. Standing at an impressive 9 inches tall, it features an imposing body that does the original character justice.

As for colors, the producer has done a great job of making each nuance accurate and in harmony with each other, both in the beast and robot mode. White is the dominant color, but other shades are also eye-catching. For example, you get an orange mane and red chest plates, knee pads, and elbow protectors, all of which work brilliantly well on this character.

Complexity is also admirable. The manufacturer has incorporated several details to expand play opportunities and make the figure more functional. For instance, once the figure transforms into a robot, the mane acts as a type of shield. There are also missile launchers, various shields, and a well-designed helmet that fits the robot head incredibly well.

Regarding durability, you shouldn't have any issues with weak materials. On the contrary, the product is made of a sturdy plastic that can endure greater impact than standard models. Also, there aren't many protruding parts, making the figure less prone to breakage in case of drops.

Besides the special gimmicks and exceptional colors, the actual transformation is notable too. Once you get the hang of it, you won't have trouble turning your lion into a robot and vice versa. It comprises many parts, but most of them are simple and intuitive. Just take your time during the transformation, so you don't peel the paint when rubbing the components against each other.

Finally, the articulation is solid, especially in robot mode. Your little one can play with a host of mobile joints that allow the figure to assume an array of battle poses. Going back to the default position is just as easy.

Overall, the Lio Convoy deserves a spot on most top three Transformers toys reviews. It combines spellbinding looks, high durability, smooth transformation, and tremendous mobility. We give this product a 4.5/5.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Solid materials
  • Intricate design
  • Seamless transformation
  • Admirable articulation


  • Lion mode less mobile than robot mode

Transformers Generations Legacy Blitzwing Review

Blitzwing is another classic character in the Transformers lore. This robot figure is a Decepticon with one of the most impressive battle track records in the universe. As a battle-hardened professional, he was often tasked with killing powerful foes, one of whom was Bumblebee. However, when he finally encountered Bumblebee, he was overpowered and destroyed.

The Legacy version is a rad action toy that shows Blitzwing in his best light. Not only is it perfect for your kids, but it's also ideal for you if you enjoy collecting figures of iconic characters. That's because it's chock-full of top-shelf features.


If you're looking for oversized figures, Legacy Blitzwing is one of your best options. At 10.5 inches tall, it's even bigger than Lio Convoy. Once you or your kid props it up on a bookcase, it'll tower over other figures and make heads turn.

The size is cool, but what about the design of the Blitzwing? It's another accurate rendition of the source material. The manufacturer has included pretty much all the bells and whistles that make Blitzwing the intimidating character that he is. From missiles and grenade launchers to his mighty sword and colossal fists, a myriad of details contribute to the toy's realism.

Regarding colors, you once again get a premium solution crafted in style. Like the cartoon character, the figure is dominated by purple, which makes up much of its body, including the chest, fists, and shins. His thighs are white, while his wings are brown, whose neutral tone perfectly complements the eye-catching purple parts.

What makes this toy one of the most playable Transformers figures out there is its three modes. That's right; you don't get just two modes from this character. In addition to robot mode, you can also utilize the figure in tank and airplane mode. Whether flying or making the Earth tremble is a priority, this product won't let you down.

The transformation is fluid too. It may take a bit longer to transform Blitzwing into the desired mode due to the large number of parts, but the learning curve is minimal. The robot and tank modes are especially praise-worthy, as they do a good job of concealing unnecessary components.

Durability-wise, the producer didn't disappoint. They used a robust plastic that's surprisingly impact-resistant. Furthermore, the paint doesn't come off as easily as on some other products.

Another reason the Legacy Blitzwing figure is a great investment is its articulation and complexity. For example, you can modify the robot mode pretty much however you want. If you wish to lower the sword, so it doesn't get in the way of your gun, smoothly connected joints will let you do just that. The figure can also crouch and assume intimidating positions for added immersion.

In summary, the Blitzwing is a fantastic pick, whether you want to surprise your little one or enhance your collection with a Decepticon. It's well-constructed, flexible, intricate, colorful, and accurately portrays the villain. We rate this product 4.5/5.


  • Realistic accessories
  • Attractive colors
  • 3 modes
  • High-quality transformation


  • Somewhat unwieldy tank mode

Transformers Flame Toys Furai Model Windblade Review

Completing our lineup of some of the finest Transformer models is this Flame Toys Furai Model Windblade figure. In many cases, all it takes to persuade people to buy this product is to consider the backstory of the powerful character.

And it doesn't get much more powerful than Windblade. She's Optimus Prime's trusted companion who regularly takes on the cruelest and mightiest bad guys. Her supreme confidence comes from her advanced battle skills and weapons, one of which is a serrated sword. It doesn't seem menacing when in her scabbard, but when she whips it out, enemies already come to terms with defeat.

This is a Furai Model, a premier Transformers collection that doesn't require painting. Instead, it's made up of molded plastic bits in different colors and features creative stickers that embellish the body of your toy.

Let's go through other perks of the Windblade figure.


Windblade is the smallest toy on our list. It's just over 6 inches tall, which isn't much, but at least you won't have any display issues. Whether you want to put it in your office or kid's room, the compact body won't get in the way.

As for design, the maker has delivered a sublime solution. They've thought of everything, incorporating all the parts you can find in the cartoon character. There's the sword, breastplate, wings, and a helmet that fits her perfectly.

The colors are solid too. The distinct black and red tone makes Windblade more intimidating and goes hand in hand with her accessories.

Also, this might be the best Transformer out there from a purely transformation standpoint. Whether you use the robot or jet mode, no part feels out of place. They complement one another nicely to produce a stunning visual effect.

Lastly, the toy is constructed from top-quality plastics and has over 50 joints, enabling you to set up innumerable positions.

All in all, it's hard to find fault with Windblade. Due to her well-balanced design, we couldn't give her anything other than 5/5.


  • Structurally sound
  • Remarkable transformation
  • Cool design and colors
  • 50+ joints
  • Compact body


  • Too small for some Transformer enthusiasts

Comparison and Analysis

When deciding between these three toys, it's important to consider your priorities:

  • Playability – Legacy Blitzwing (3 modes)
  • Transformation – Windblade (harmonized parts)
  • Details – Lio Convoy (beast and robot accessories)
  • Aesthetics – Lio Convoy and Windblade (subtler colors)
  • Durability – All three

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Although there are many important differences between the three Transformer toys in our Transformer toys reviews, you can't really make a wrong choice. The ideal product depends on your kid's favorite character. Therefore, you don't need to worry about quality and aesthetic appeal because each figure excels in both areas.

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Who are Transformers Toys owned by?

There are two parent companies of Transformer Toys. The first is Takara, a Japanese enterprise, whereas the other owner is an American business called Hasbro. The duo spawned a legendary toy collection that's struck a chord with kids from all over the world.

Are Transformer toys a good investment?

The answer is a resounding yes. Your child can have endless fun with their Transformer toys. Whether they display them on their bookcase or participate in imaginary battles with friends, they'll be your kid's trusted companion.

What age is a Transformer toy for?

Although Transformer toys are versatile, they're not designed for children of all ages. Instead, the recommended group for these products is kids aged 6 and up.

Which Transformers toys are worth money?

The three Transformer toys that are worth the money are Lio Convoy, Legacy Blitzwing, and Windblade. But that's not all. You should consider many other Transformer action figures, including those of Optimus Prime, Computron, Megatron, Defensor, and Bumblebee.

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