How to Know Which Funko Pops Will Be Valuable Before They Skyrocket

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How to Know Which Funko Pops Will Be Valuable Before They Skyrocket

Funko Pops are little vinyl figurines that showcase the best (and most popular) in modern and classic pop culture. You'll find them almost everywhere, from little mom-and-pop retail stores to massive comic conventions. Whether you love the bounty hunter Boba Fett or you're crazy for the black ranger in Power Rangers, you can find a Funko Pop to add to your shelf.

Naturally, these figurines have become collectibles, especially given that there are so many limited edition variants, and even convention exclusives, around. Knowing that might naturally lead to a question – which Funko Pops are worth money? You'll get the answer in this article, along with tips on how to determine potential Funko Pop figure value and how to tell if a Funko Pop is rare.

What Are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops were introduced in 1998, though it's only since the 2010s that they've become really popular among collectors. They're known for their distinctive design – big heads with large eyes placed on tiny bodies.

And they cover almost every genre. You can find Funko Marvel, Funko DC, Funko sports, and even Funko music figures, all of which have the distinctive Funko design. But not all Funko Pops are made equally. Collectors understand this, which is why they enjoy both the wide range on offer and the thrill of finding rarer Funko Pops that are worth money.

Understanding the Funko Pop Market

Supply and demand.

Those three words tell you everything you need to know about what drives the Funko Pop market. When determining which Funko Pops are worth money, collectors look at everything from the rarity of the figurine to its conditions and the popularity of the character immortalized in Funko style.

Collectors want figures that are in the best condition, and those often sell for more than retail price several years after their release. But the real money lies in finding limited edition figurines and those that are exclusive to particular events. That's where supply and demand comes in. The rarer figurine designs are in higher demand than regular versions, even if they're of the same character, creating a high demand for a limited supply.

How to Identify Potential High-Value Funko Pops

Are Funko Pops valuable?

Yes and no, depending on the specific versions of these vinyl collectibles you look at. Thankfully, there are a few techniques you (and the rest of the Funko community) can use to determine the potential value of a Funko Pop.

Exclusive and Limited Edition Figures

Start with the most obvious indicator of potential future value – rarity.

Funko Pops that are retailer exclusives, limited edition releases, or exclusive editions reserved solely for sale at conventions often become valuable. Again, it comes down to the supply and demand market conditions mentioned earlier. These are rare Pops. People want them because they're in limited supply and become increasingly hard to find over time. You can take advantage of that by landing a limited edition Pop and then sitting on it until someone wants to pay much more than you spent to get it.

Pop Culture and Trends

What are people loving in the world of pop culture right now?

That's a question that probably goes around Funko HQ when the company is trying to figure out what figure to release next. And it's absolutely a question that you should ask because pop culture and trends affect the price of Funko Pops.

For example, Pops of the characters from "Stranger Things" see a bump in value whenever a new series is released or gets high praise on social media channels. The same goes for any movie, musician, or celebrity. The more people care about a slice of pop culture, the more they'll pay for collectibles related to that slice.

Discontinued and Vaulted Pops

Some Funko Pops carry the "Vaulted" label.

That means Funko has already created the Pop and released it in the past, and they have no intention of releasing any more for that character. Rarity is practically ensured. You'll often find that the average price for a Pop rises considerably as soon as it's vaulted as collectors flock to get their hands on it before it's too late.

Pre-Release Hype and Speculation

Hype is a powerful thing.

The more than a company can gee people up for a product, the more of that product they'll sell and, often, the more they can charge for it. Funko Pops aren't immune to hype, and it can create such a heavy demand that collectors will pay more than the retail price for a Pop if it's hyped up and sells out quickly.

A word of warning – hype isn't a guarantee of future value. If a Pop doesn't live up to its initial hype, the demand for it dies down quickly, and you could be left with a stack of Funko Pop vinyl that you can't sell, even at retail price.

How to Evaluate the Future Value of Funko Pops

With a few of the techniques for identifying high-value Pops under your belt, you turn your attention to another aspect of collecting – figuring out Funko Pop resale value.

It's not enough to ask, "Are Funko Pops valuable?" The question you need to ask is, "Will my Pop be worth more in the future than it is now?" These pointers help you to learn how to know which Funko Pops will be valuable.

Initial Cost and Market Demand

Non-exclusive Funko Pops sell for as little as $8.99 at retail. An exclusive version may cost a little more, but you're generally not going to spend much more than $20, regardless of how limited the Pop is. That starting price gives you a baseline. From there, it's up to you to weigh up future demand based on the factors discussed above – rarity, presence in pop culture, and the hype behind the Pop.

Exclusive figures are often rarer, but they come with the risk of you spending money that you won't make back if collectors don't care about the Pop six months or a year from now.

Condition and Packaging

A battered and bruised Pop always sells for less than one in mint condition (bonus points if they are in the original box or acrylic case). That's because collectors don't collect Pops to throw them in a storage bin and forget about them. They want to put them on display, meaning condition directly affects the average selling price of a Pop.

Proper storage and handling are key, as you'll want to keep the Pop away from anything that can damage its cardboard surroundings. You may also want to get the Pop graded by a company like THE VVGS, which gives the Pop's condition a score you can use to your advantage to score a reasonable price when selling.

Analyzing Historical Trends

The Pop market's past can tell you a lot about its potential future.

For instance, analysis of Funko Star Wars figures may show that they consistently rise in value. That's a solid indicator that any future Star Wars releases could see a similar increase because of the clear demand of collectors for these types of figures.

Tools and Resources for Collectors

If you're struggling to determine the current value of one of your Pops, the collectible community can give you a helping hand with various tools and resources:

  • Online communities, such as forums and social media pages, are great for informing you about what your collection is worth and keeping you up to date on what other collectors think about the market.
  • Resources like Pop Price Guide maintain near-complete databases of all Pop figures you can use to track current prices.
  • Apps like The Pop Directory let you add and track your collection in real time, helping you to see how collector demand shifts and impacts prices.

The Most Valuable Funko Pops

So, are Funko Pops worth collecting? When you see the eye-watering values of some of the below Pops, you'll know the answer is yes:

Golden Ticket 2-Pack $100,000

Clockwork Orange Funko Pop $60,000

Freddy Funko Metallic Iron Man $43,000

Freddy Funko Metallic Ghost Rider $23,000

Freddy Funko Buzz Lightyear $24,000

Boo Berry Funko Pop $20,000

Freddy Funko (Bloody) as Jaime Lannister $19,000

Freddy Funko as Venom $19,000

Freddy Funko as The Joker $13,000

Dumbo Funko Pop $8,400

Ken Griffey, Jr. Gold Funko Pop $8,100

Freddy Funko Stan Lee $4,700

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If you want a Funko Pop rising in value, you need to understand what makes a Funko Pop vinyl attractive to collectors. Rarity is often key. Combine a limited release with intense collector demand, and you have a recipe for high prices.

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Which Funko Pops become valuable?

A Funko Pop rarity check will often help you figure out which Pops become valuable because of supply and demand economic. Low supply combined with high demand leads to higher prices.

How do you find the value of Funko Pops?

You can use several resources to check if your Naruto Funko Pop or Funko Dragon Ball Z figure is rising in value. Apps like The Pop Directory real-time prices, while the Pop Price Guide gives you a more comprehensive overview of the entire market.

How do you know when Funko Pops are coming out?

You have a few options. You could follow the official Funko Pop Twitter and Instagram accounts (@OriginalFunko) or sign up for SMS and newsletter alerts from the Funko website.

What Funko Pops are hard to find?

To answer that, you simply need to know what makes a Funko Pop rare. Limited edition, exclusive edition, and special edition releases are harder to find because Funko releases fewer of them into the wild.

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