Best Way to Display Funko Pops: Creative Tips for Collectors

Best Way to Display Funko Pops: Creative Tips for Collectors

Funko Pops are currently one of the biggest trends in the toy collecting industry. The undeniable charm and collectible nature have turned these vinyl figures from mere collectibles to cultural icons. Collectible enthusiasts have even formed networks to showcase their Funko Pop collections – however, most struggle with organizing and creating a cohesive and visually appealing display.

Funko Pops are available in a diverse range of themes. You can find them representing characters from popular movies, franchises, games, and TV shows. Examples include Funko DC, Funko Marvel, Naruto Funko, and Funko Star Wars. And once you start your collection, it may be hard to stop buying new Pops.

But you’re probably wondering, what’s the best way to display Funko Pops you've collected? Are there display shelves or glass cabinets that perfectly fit them? This article will provide an answer. It discusses everything you need to know about displaying Funko Pops.

The Funko Pop Aesthetic

Unlike standard action figures, Funko Pops are eccentric. Regardless of the character, they all feature a chibi-style design with a large head and small body. Most of the head details are minimal, apart from the eyes, which are typically large. While the body is simple, Pops can be set up in a range of dynamic poses, making each figure unique. Funko Pops sizes range between 2 to 18 inches, but are most commonly four inches tall. These unique features and standardized sizes and proportions, combined with vibrant colors, make Funko Pops easily recognizable from other collectibles.

With the figures already being highly aesthetic, the method of storing and displaying them can go a few ways. Regardless of whether you're displaying the entire collection or just the favorite figures, the perfect display ensures a cohesive and visually appealing presentation by considering factors such as Funko Pops' size, themes, and colors.

Besides aesthetics, a Funko Pop setup should be located in a focal point of the room to draw attention to your collection. It should also be easily accessible to allow you to carry out regular cleaning and organization, which are essential in ensuring your collection remains in good condition. Most importantly, your display should have a sturdy anchor. This way, your collectible will be safe from accidents.

Display Options: From Basic to Advanced

Basic Display Techniques

Do you prefer balancing between showcasing the Funko Pop collection and maintaining a minimalist, clutter-free environment? Since valuable Funko Pops also usually cost a pretty penny to buy, you may also want to save a bit by avoiding elaborate storage or expensive materials such as glass displays. Shelving and stands are your best friend here.


There are a variety of Funko shelf ideas. The most popular ones are floating shelves and bookcases.

Floating shelves are typically mounted using hidden brackets, making them appear as if they are part of the wall. Their sleek design creates a clean yet eye-catching display for your collectibles. Also, they’re effective in optimizing space in a small room since they don't take up much wall space or jut out. However, when choosing the shelf material, it’s crucial to consider how many Funko Pops you own so you can pick a shelf that can comfortably hold your collection’s weight.

Technically, bookcases consist of horizontal shelves with vertical sides or back panels. They make the best way to display Funko pops in box. With so many bookcases available, you can usually find one that can slot in a box perfectly on a shelf.

Individual Stands and Raisers

If you have plenty of space and figures with intricate details or unique poses, individual stands can make ideal displays. They help prevent figures from leaning or falling and provide a more focused spotlight on each Funko Pop.

When space is limited, you can make use of risers. They optimize the use of vertical space to display your Funko Pops in levels. Since risers are usually smaller, they are great for mini Pops. Depending on the size, you can place pops on the level as a group or individually.

Creative Display Ideas

Adding some creativity to your Funko Pop display ideas can make your collection more appealing and customized to your preferences. For instance, you can organize your collectibles based on theme sections such as Funko DC, Funko Music, and Funko Sports.

Another creative way to display your pops is using color. Arrange the pops based on similar color schemes to create visually appealing displays. Alternatively, you can organize them in terms of characters, such as villains and superheroes.

When you want to play around with creativity, shadow box displays come in handy. They allow you to arrange your Funko Pops in rows, making it easy to create groups and categories. Since these displays have a bottom and top enclosure, it’s crucial to consider your collectible’s size to choose a fitting depth. Mounting shadow boxes on walls creates a museum-like exhibit.

Alternatively, you can choose wall-mounted cases. They offer a secure way of organizing your Funko Pops in your preferred criteria. In most cases, wall-mounted cases are transparent and allow you to display your Funko Pops in different directions. Better still, they save on space. As an alternative option, baseball bat display cases have similar sizes to Funko Pops, and some models are also padded to protect the contents.

As mentioned, the best Funko Pop display should be in a visible position. So, you can also consider integrating them with the existing home decor. You can display them together with items that have sentimental value or relate to your interests, including custom artwork or fan-made creations. This way, you won’t have to create separate display units.

Alternatively, you can scatter the Pops across the room. Batman above the PC tower? Superman hanging from the ceiling fan? If you want a more dynamic display, you might need to think outside the box.

Advanced Display Solutions

Besides giving a visual appeal to your Funko Pop collection, advanced display solutions add a personal touch and interactive layers. However, such displays are custom-made, and you might not readily find them in the market.

When ordering a display, you can choose the size, material, and finishes you want, so you can create the perfect display based on your preferences. For an extra personal touch, integrate the display unit with LED lighting to create a true spotlight on your pristine condition Pops. If you have Wi-Fi in your house, you can incorporate smart lights to control the lights remotely from an app or a smartphone. Also, you can incorporate background themes, such as specific scenes related to the characters in the collection.

If you want a more interactive setup, you can choose premade dioramas. These displays make your collection more engaging by replicating iconic settings of the characters in their roles. For example, if you have a Funko Dragon Ball collection, you can recreate notable fights and backdrops with destroyed buildings, energy blasts, or iconic landmarks.

If you’ve amassed a huge collection of Funko Pops, you might not remember all the details about each. Fortunately, you can add digital labels to your collection. These labels can be attached to each Funko Pop and display general details such as character name, origin, and release date, as well as more collection pertinent information such as where and when you bought a particular piece or how much it's worth.

Unconventional Display Ideas

Funko Pops can make great additions to your hobbies. As such, you can also choose to display them in non-traditional such as on your reading desk or music and movie rooms to make them integrate better into activities you enjoy. For a better experience, it’s crucial to align the characters with the themes and aesthetics of the specific hobby or interest.

For instance, if you’re a music enthusiast, you can place your Funko Music in your music record room. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can look for DIY Funko Pop display ideas, such as building dioramas for your characters’ favorite scenes.

Another option is to take your collectible outdoors. You can showcase your Funko Pops on the patio or balcony. However, in this case, you have to use weather-resistant displays to prevent your pop figures from getting damaged by the elements.

How to Showcase Your Personality Through Your Display

Everyone has a unique Funko Pop collection because of different preferences. Even when it comes to selecting a display method, you should give your personal preferences a priority. This way, your collection will be more meaningful and give you a sense of satisfaction. Also, it’ll be easy to track your changes in preferences over time.

To make your collection more personalized, the first element you can use is color schemes. Use colors that represent your personality – bold and vibrant for an energetic vibe or muted and pastel for a more relaxed atmosphere. Secondly, play with adjustable LED lights to create a lively or soft and cozy mood. In terms of arrangement, experiment with a few layouts until you find one that matches your personality. Plus, you can combine two arrangement styles.

Lastly, keep your display dynamic by rotating figures in and out periodically. This not only prevents your collection from becoming monotonous but also allows you to showcase new additions or favorites. You can align your display with seasons, holidays, or special events.

Your Collection, Your Masterpiece

When it comes to displaying your Funko Pops, you have a variety of options to select from. However, your display should align with your personal preferences. Also, it’s important to consider the size of your collection and the space you have.

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Is it better to display Funko Pops in the box?

Displaying Funko Pops in or out of the box depends on your preferences. However, keeping them in the box is safer as it protects them from physical damage and accumulating dirt. This also preserves the Funko Pops’ value if you intend to sell them.

How do you display a lot of Funko Pops?

If you have a lot of Funko Pops, you can optimize space by displaying them vertically on walls using floated shelves, raisers, or wall-mounted stands. Also, arranging them into categories can help create more space.

Do Funko Pops lose value if opened?

Yes, if you remove Funko Pops from their box, they lose value. The exposure to sunlight and dust makes them lose their original spark, and some collectors only choose mint-in-box pieces.

How do you stand up Funko Pop?

If your Funko Pop doesn’t stand up firmly on its own, it can easily fall and get damaged. However, you can use a stand or mounting putty to stick the legs to the shelf.

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