Best Bluey Toys: Top Picks for Kids in 2024

Best Bluey Toys: Top Picks for Kids in 2024

Bluey is one of your kid's favorite cartoons. The adventures of the titular puppy put a smile on your young one's face each and every time. But if you want them to enjoy the experience on a whole new level, why not surprise them with a Bluey gift?

Bluey toys are fun and appropriate for pretty much all children. Whether you buy playsets, action figures, or Bluey-themed vehicles, they'll instantly become your little one's favorite toy.

However, since there are millions of Bluey toys out there, it's hard to choose the right one for your kid. No worries – this article will help you make the right pick by listing the best Bluey toys on the market.

What Is the Appeal of Bluey Toys?

Before you find the best Bluey toy for your little one, you should first understand exactly why these toys are so cool. Most of the popularity comes from the television show, which first aired in 2018.

Ever since its release, it's focused on child-friendly topics, such as family, bonding, friendship, and fun adventures. All of which resonate with its youngest audiences and encourage them to develop in the right direction.

Bluey toys have the same vibe. They fill your kid with positive energy, thanks to their adorable, family-friendly designs. 

The Top Picks for Bluey Toys

Now that you know what makes Bluey products so special, let's dive into the best Bluey toys for toddlers and older children. 

Bluey Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle

If your kids want to take Bluey and Bingo on an unforgettable journey, this is the right toy for them. The Bluey Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle replicates the iconic car from the show and comes with two surfboards that are compatible with any Bluey figure. The product is suitable for kids aged three and up. 

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game

The finest Bluey learning toys require your kids to use their creative thinking. That's exactly what this scavenger hunt game does. Perfect for ages between three and five, it wants children to work as a team to find 12 tokens.

The toy truly makes for some memorable moments between your kids and their friends. 

Bluey School Friends

Preparing your kids for school can be daunting, but not as much if you have Bluey School Friends by your side. This toy features four Bluey action figures in bright colors and is perfect for preschool children. Each figurine comes with a cute little lunchbox. 

Bluey Plush Toya

You can never go wrong with plush toys, especially if they come from the Bluey series. This one shows Queen Bingo wearing her crown and is ideal for children no younger than two. It measures 8 inches in size and is made of soft, gentle materials.

Bluey Cloud Bag Doctor's Set

Another perfect Bluey toy for kids aged three and up is the Bluey Cloud Bag Doctor's Set. It encourages empathetic play, making it ideal for aspiring doctors. The set comes with several fun accessories, including a stethoscope, bandage, syringe, a doctor's badge, Dr. Bluey glasses, and stickers. 

Bluey Deluxe Park-Themed Playset

This park-themed playset is easily one of the best Bluey gifts for fostering play in young children. It has a slide, swing, and a table/bench set that work great with the provided action figures.

Whether you want to set up indoor or outdoor fun for your young one, there's no going wrong with this toy. But because it's made up of tiny pieces, it's inappropriate for kids younger than three. 

Bluey Pop ‘N' Fun Play Tent

If your kid is at least two, give them this Pop 'N' Fun Play Tent to nurture creativity and house play. It's the perfect size for most toddlers and slightly older children, allowing them to hide and store their toy collection inside. It's also easy to set up due to the built-in installation rods. 

Bluey Garbage Truck

Any child aged between three and six can use the Bluey Garbage Truck to learn more about this all-important work and have fun at the same time. The cabin is big enough to fit most Bluey figurines, so kids can become more aware of recycling with their favorite characters behind the wheel. 

Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playset

The Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playset is one of the most popular house-based toys available. At 17 inches tall and 30 inches wide, it can be home to any 2.5-3-inch figure. It also produces sound effects to provide your kid with a multi-sensory experience. 

Bluey 4-Pack of Wood Puzzles

If you're looking for the finest Bluey educational toys, you can't go wrong with this pack of wood puzzles. It helps your young ones practice hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. It's best for ages three and up. 

Bluey Magnetic Playset

This Bluey Magnetic Playset allows your kids to recreate their favorite moments from the show by mixing and matching different toys, accessories, and outfits. They can even tell stories of their own to showcase all their creativity. It's perfect for children between the ages of three and six.

Bluey Home and BBQ Playset

There are many eye-catching Bluey playsets, and this product is another great example. Suitable for kids aged three and up, it's chock-full of molded details that provide an interactive experience. Your kids can move around the furniture and other accessories to set up a cozy cove. It even has an outdoor patio and Dad's BBQ set. 

Bluey Family Home Playset

The Bluey Family Home Playset is a mini playset that recreates a classic Heeler BBQ session. It features Dad, his legendary BBQ, and a picnic table where your kid's action figures can sit and have a delicious burger. This is a fantastic present for children aged three and up. 

Bluey Bingo's Playroom

The Bluey Bingo's Playroom is one of the best Bluey birthday gifts for two- and three-year old. It's the motherload of Bluey fun activities and accessories, including a book and a bench, for your kiddo to recreate different events. There's even a mini-stethoscope for your little one to play doctor with their favorite action figure. It also comes with a huge Kiwi rug and tent.

Bluey and Friends Mini Figures

Your three- or four-year-old can never have enough mini-figures, making this set the go-to present if you want to restock their collection. It features four of their most beloved characters: Bluey, Snickers, Coco, and Honey. All of them are accurately designed and ready to serve as your child's play partner.

Bluey's Adventure Campervan Playset

Bluey fans between three and six years of age can recreate thrilling camping trips from the show with this campervan playset. It has everything your child needs for a mesmerizing adventure, such as surfboards, a picnic table, chairs, and an RV that extends into a bedroom and dining room.

Bluey's Dance and Play Talking Plush

Bluey's Dance and Play Talking Plush is a 13-inch plush toy for Bluey fans two and up. It can dance and sing to entertain your little one. It's also a heavenly bedtime companion with its soft, spongy texture that lulls your kiddo to sleep.

Bluey Bingo's Bingo Game

This is a five- and six-old-friendly board bingo game that promotes learning and family bonding through play. It has 48 chips, 12 scoring chips, 36 calling cards, and four double-sided Bingo cards. When your rascal starts yelling "BINGO!" in the middle of the day, you'll know exactly what's going on. 

Where to Buy Bluey Toys

The only thing you need to do after discovering the best Bluey toys is to learn where to buy them. You can find these toys in a lot of places, but not every seller is reputable. Here are a few trusted outlets where you can safely purchase your Bluey Christmas gifts (or gifts for any other occasion):

  • Official Bluey website 
  • Online toy stores (ToyShnip, Amazon)
  • Major retailers (Walmart, Target)

If you prefer online shopping, here's how you can ensure a safe buy:

  • Check seller credibility when buying online – Go through customer ratings and comments to see if the seller offers high-quality Bluey toys. 
  • Ask for proof of condition – See if the seller can provide photos or videos of the desired Bluey toy to help you determine the condition of the product. 
  • Verify age appropriateness – Inspect the toy packaging, which should indicate the age the product is meant for. 

Join the Fun With Bluey: Encouraging Playful Learning

The world of Bluey toys is enormous. With so many stunning products to choose from, you shouldn't have trouble finding the right gift for your little one. Just select one according to their age.

Whether you purchase a fun board game or a plush toy, your kid will enjoy every second of it. 

And rather than waste time looking for Bluey toys in vast brick-and-mortar stores, stick to ToyShnip – the most reliable online toy store out there. We offer a wide range of Bluey products for all ages and development needs.

So, check out our Bluey collection, and you'll find the most popular Bluey toys that guarantee hours of fun. 


What age group is Bluey for?

Bluey is primarily for children aged between five and seven. However, older kids also fall in love with Bluey toys due to all the fun activities they can engage in with them.

What is a Bluey plush?

A Bluey plush is a soft Bluey toy made of premium materials and stylish embroidery. It's a perfect storytime or playtime companion. 

How do Bluey toys contribute to child development?

Bluey toys contribute to child development in many ways. For example, they often require kiddos to solve puzzles to activate their brain cells. Sports games achieve a similar effect.

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