Top 10 Best Beyblade Combos for Winning Performance

Top 10 Best Beyblade Combos for Winning Performance

Whether you're a casual or competitive Beyblade player, the thrill of knocking your opponent's Beyblade combo down is indescribable. Unlike the simple toys from back in the day when Beys were just starting out, a modern Beyblade has a number of parts to outperform the enemy, including layers that grip the other toy and heavy-duty build to withstand harsh impact. Combining these parts, i.e. comboing, allows you to create a Bey that suits your playstyle and win against a wide field of matchups.

While all combos have a lot in common, some are better than others. This article will list 10 of the best Beyblade combo options to help you boost your arsenal and defeat your enemies.

The Key Components of a Beyblade

Before diving into the best Beyblade combos, it's important to understand the basic components of Beyblades.


The layer is the upper part of the Beyblade that determines its type. Flat-tip combos spin briefly but do so at high speed to drive more power in contact hits. Thin and more pointy tips spin longer but slower to improve defense. 


The disc is the middle component that affects weight distribution and movement patterns. A disc can make a Bey either spin in one place or fly all over the stadium. 


The driver (aka tip) is the underside that makes contact with the arena. There are different types of drivers that perform specific functions. For instance, dash drivers are thicker and increase burst resistance, while metal lock drivers add weight and lower burst resistance. 


The frame is an optional component that can impact different performance areas and boost weight distribution. Thick frames generally improve attack, whereas lighter models enhance stamina. 

Styles of Play in Beyblade

There are many good Beyblade combos, but not every combination suits your playstyle. There are four different types of combos that dictate your playstyle: 


Attack combos spin more aggressively to knock out enemy Beyblades. They need a sturdy layer and driver to achieve this. 


Defense combos don't spin as fast, but they have even heavier layers and drivers for the ultimate stability. 


Stamina combos spin longer than other types, but they require even weight distribution and a low-friction design.


Balance combos mix attack, defense, and stamina features. They're the most versatile of the bunch but the hardest to assemble because they need the highest-quality components. 

Best Beyblade Combos

Now that you know what should influence your decision when looking for the best combo Beyblade, let's take a close look at the top 10 products: 

Tempest Dragon 1A Charge Metal

The Tempest Dragon 1A Charge Metal might very well be the best Beyblade combination if you're looking for next-level attack power. This attack-type combo has a pair of front and rear blades to replicate the design of its iconic predecessor – the Ace. You also get four Bound Blades.

The most impressive feature of this powerful attack-type combo is that it has two modes, giving you more versatility in the arena. The default mode is Bound Mode, hiding the Tempest wings under the ring and spring-loading the Bound Blades to fuel your Bound Attacks. 

The other mode, Awakened Mode, imbues a more aggressive style into the Beyblade by pushing the Bound Blades out and locking them in place. It provides even greater attack power to energize direct attacks and help you trump your opponents more easily. 

Considering the weapons and modes, it's easy to see why many consider the Tempest the best attack Beyblade combo on the market. 

On top of that, the Tempest has a wide charge metal performance tip that features higher build quality than the predecessor. It's more durable and has a unique hollow design. Coupled with low-friction components, the hollow structure gives the combo more stamina.

World Spriggan Unite' 2B

If you need a slightly more versatile combo than the Tempest (though less powerful), the World Spriggan Unite' 2B can be an excellent choice. It's one of the most underrated Beyblade Burst combos that can give you an edge over your opponents in different scenarios. 

This balance-type combo comes with a rubber driver and a pointy plastic tip in the middle of the body. The convenient shape enables you to launch the toy in different ways to generate all kinds of movement patterns and performance. 

Another thing that makes this a top-tier choice is the dual-spin design. In fact, this is the first-ever dual-spin ring on the market that doubles down on the flexible design of the Beyblade. All it takes to adjust spin directions to your personal preference is to flip your ring and put the chip on the top side. 

What's also commendable about the Spriggan is the two spring-loaded heads in the ring. Push them inwards, and you'll move the tabs away from the inner section of your chassis. This partially blocks the tabs of the chassis or disk from traveling further after colliding with another Beyblade, eliminating the risk of skipping a tooth. The burst resistance created as a result can play a huge role in surviving long and intense battles. 

Rage Longinus Destroy' 3A

Next up on our list of the world's best Beyblade combos is the Rage Longinus Destroy' 3A. It's a Takara Tomy-designed attack-type Beyblade that performs—and looks—amazing. The combo boasts a left-spin chip with a striking dragon head to emulate the legendary predecessor – the Bloody Longinus Layer. 

The Beyblade can help you prevail in many attack vs. attack matchups with several features, but the ring is particularly impressive. Each side has a robust dragon head that contributes to the combo's heavy-weight design. This translates to a tremendous burst and knock-out potential. Also, the shape of the combo generates a hefty amount of recoil and mighty upper attacks. 

If you find the combo too bulky, you can pair it up with a variety of frames for better weight distribution.

Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A

The Brave Valkyrie Evolution' 2A is yet another attack-type Beyblade on our rundown. It has a right-spin chip with a formidable armored face and stylistic features that adorn the helmet. The design easily makes this one of the coolest combinations anywhere in the world. 

Complementing the aggressive body is the right-spin ring. It comes with three huge rubber wings as the main point of contact. There are also gaps between the wings to create a shape that produces a ton of recoil. Plus, the rubber is well-made and doesn't wear out dramatically, allowing you to use the combo confidently even after numerous battles. 

The Valkyrie is compatible with pretty much any dual-spin and right-spin chassis and chip.  

Variant Lucifer Mobius 2D

Attacking can make a world of difference for any individual player, and is generally the simplest tactic, but you might not prefer this playstyle. If that's the case, consider the Variant Lucifer Mobius 2D, one of the most popular combos for defense-oriented competitors and amateurs. 

This defense-type combo has a tall-performance tip with a conical, free-spinning shape. The sharp design of the combo produces minimal friction with the stadium floor, which translates to immense burst defense and high stamina. Additionally, the tip has a wide diameter to help stabilize the Beyblade and outperform the enemy, especially if they have an opposite-spin combo.

The appearance is formidable too. The combo depicts Lucifer, the most famous fallen angel from Abrahamic religions, and a colorful ring that makes heads turn. 

Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S

So far, our list of the best Beyblade combos has only included attack, defense, and balance models. But that's about to change. Meet the Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S, a favorite among competitive players who prefer stamina-type Beyblades.

This combo has an aggressive shape and a good amount of rubber to shine in spin equalization scenarios. That's especially true if you use Absorb mode, which aligns the contact points of the chassis and ring for smoother spin equalization. There's also the Counter mode that exposes the contacts for better performance against left-spin combos. 

The biggest weakness of the combo is subpar burst resistance, but you can mitigate it with a double chassis. 

Glide Ragnaruk Wheel Revolve 1S

Another stamina-type combo you can consider is the Glide Ragnaruk Wheel Revolve 1S. The greatest strength of the Beyblade is the stamina wings that parry attacks and increase survivability. Then there's the symmetrical, heavy-duty disc with superb weight distribution. Outward weight distribution is particularly admirable due to four gaps, elevating the combo's stamina potential. 

As a cherry on top, the Ragnaruk is compatible with an array of frames, enabling you to further enhance weight distribution. 

Super Hyperion Xceed 1A

If you need the best Beyblade combo for upper attack potential, the Super Hyperion Xceed 1A is a worthy contender. This attack-type model has angled contacts to smash the enemy's layer upward during collisions. 

In addition, the Hyperion can also endure the tremendous might of its own assaults, thanks to a robust driver that braces itself. You even get exposed teeth on your chassis for exceptional burst resistance. 

King Helios Zone 1B

The King Helios Zone 1B is a balance-type combo with five long rear blades and five slightly angled additional blades. The swords create a distinct shape that generates moderate recoil. 

More importantly, the two sets of blades allow you to cycle through the combo's attack and defense features. The long blades are perfect for upper attacks, whereas the angled swords can handily parry some of the fiercest enemy assaults. 

Curse Satan Aero' Hold' 1D

Wrapping up our breakdown of top-rated Beyblade combos is the Curse Satan Aero' Hold' 1D. It's a defense-type Beyblade with five sturdy wings adorned with three blades each. The elements contribute to a distinct design, but they also minimize recoil. That's because the blades and wings spin freely upon impact without transferring too much force to the rest of the combo. 

Moreover, the Curse comes with a durable, self-supporting driver and an elevated chip that exposes the chassis teeth for greater burst resistance. 

Strategies for Maximizing Performance With These Combos

If you buy the most powerful and coolest Beyblade in the world, it'll do most of the work in your battles. That said, there are ways to maximize your performance: 

  • Use a compatible Beyblade launcher.
  • Switch to a heavier Beyblade. 
  • Get launchers with longer ripcords (or separate cords) to improve spin.  

Keeping Up With the Evolving Meta

The 10 combos reign supreme currently, but who knows what the future holds? The meta is evolving quickly, and the combos that work great today may no longer be useful tomorrow. That's why it's important to keep up with the trends from the Beyblade community. Here are a few resources where you can obtain valuable information: 

  • Online toy stores (e.g., ToyShnip)
  • Dedicated websites (e.g., BeyBase)
  • Facebook groups 

You may also find insights into other Beyblade-related trends, such as how to find the best Beyblade Burst model in the Beyblade app

Harness Your Beyblade's Full Potential

Gone are the days when you couldn't keep up with other Beyblade players because of a lackluster combo. Add one of the 10 best Beyblade combo toys to your toolbox, and your performance will skyrocket. Don't forget to constantly hone your skills and keep up with the community to assert yourself as a dominant Beyblade soldier for years to come. 

And whenever you need to boost your collection, you can always turn to ToyShnip. We are an online toy store that offers some of the finest combos available to help enhance your performance and maximize fun in each competition. Check out our Beyblade selection and explore all the combos that will turn you into a formidable presence on every battlefield. 


What is the best combination of Beyblade?

Many consider the Tempest Dragon 1A Charge Metal the best Beyblade combo.

What is the top 1 Beyblade?

The top-ranked attack Beyblade is the Tempest Dragon 1A Charge Metal. The Varian Lucifer Mobius 2D is the best defense combo, while the Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S and the World Spriggan Unite' 2B are the best stamina and balance combos, respectively. 

What is the strongest attacking Beyblade?

The strongest attack Beyblade is the Tempest Dragon 1A Charge Metal. 

What is the strongest Beyblade burst in 2024?

The strongest Beyblade burst in 2024 should be the Tempest Dragon 1A Charge Metal or the World Spriggan Unite' 2B.

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