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    Although it’s been years since Game of Thrones had its finale, and despite the somewhat disappointing way in which the character’s journeys were wrapped up, the series and its characters hold a special place in fantasy lover’s hearts around the globe. Game of Thrones dragon toys have become commonplace in numerous homes, and you can even find plenty of pups playing with Game of Thrones dog toys.

    With that in mind, it’s no wonder that ToyShnip offers select Game of Thrones toys intended for devoted collectors. However, our selection of collectible statues by McFarlane Toys based on the show is especially interesting. You won’t find a Game of Thrones dragon toy in there, or even the ultra-popular characters that bore the show on their shoulders like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or Tyrion Lannister.

    Instead, our online toy store has two McFarlane figures from Game of Thrones that depict arguably the most important characters of the series: Arya Stark and the Night King. Of course, the Night King was the true big bad since season 1, and the real danger for all people in Westeros. And Arya was the hero that managed to kill this ultimate villain in the nick of time. With ToyShnip, you can have a lasting memory of that epic moment in your collection.


    Which episode of Game of Thrones has the toy horse?

    The most notable (and gut-wrenching) appearance of a toy horse in Game of Thrones is in Season 8, Episode 5. In the infamous episode that saw Daenerys bring King’s Landing to ruin mainly for shock value and without realistic in-universe explanation, a little girl that Arya tries to save from the city’s streets is carrying a white horse toy.

    Who buys Game of Thrones collectibles toys?

    Despite the underwhelming final season, Game of Thrones garnered plenty of fans worldwide. Filled with compelling characters and fantasy elements, the world of Westeros lends itself greatly to action figures and toy collectors.

    Why are there Game of Thrones toys for kids?

    While Game of Thrones features plenty of unsavory moments and ideas that aren’t exactly kid-friendly, there’s plenty in the show’s world to entice a child’s imagination. From heroes overcoming harsh challenges to majestic dragons soaring the skies, Game of Thrones toys bring the same sense of wonder as the popular fairy tales.

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