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    21 Produkte

    Funko Pop Sports Collection

    Dive into the action-packed world of Funko Pop Sports at Toyshnip, your leading online toy store for all things Funko. This collection brings the excitement of the sports arena into the world of collectibles, featuring a wide array of Funko Pop figures from various sports disciplines, including soccer, football, basketball, and more. Whether you're a fan of the adrenaline-pumping football matches or the strategic plays in soccer, the Funko Pop Sports series has something for every sports enthusiast.

    The Funko Pop Sports line-up showcases some of the most iconic athletes and sports personalities in their signature Funko Pop style. From legendary soccer stars featured in the Funko Pop Soccer collection to celebrated figures from the NFL, NBA, and beyond, each Funko Pop sports figure is crafted with the attention to detail and whimsical design that Funko is known for.

    Beyond the realm of sports, Toyshnip offers an extensive range of Funko Pop collections, including the adventurous Funko Birds of Prey, the whimsical Funko Alice in Wonderland, the mysterious Funko Loki, and the heroic Funko Pop DC series. Each collection offers fans and collectors the chance to dive into their favorite fictional worlds through the unique and charming lens of Funko Pop figures.

    Explore the exciting world of Funko Pop Sports at Toyshnip and add a touch of action, athleticism, and sportsmanship to your Funko Pop collection. Whether you're celebrating your favorite athlete or commemorating unforgettable sports moments, Funko Pop Sports figures offer a fun and stylized way to honor the spirit of competition and achievement.


    What is the rarest Funko Pop in the world?

    The rarest Funko Pop in the world is often debated among collectors, but limited edition releases, such as the holographic Darth Maul and the metallic gold and platinum Stan Lee figures, are among the most sought-after and valuable.

    Are there football Funko Pops?

    Yes, there are football Funko Pops, capturing the likeness of renowned football players and personalities in the unmistakable Funko Pop style. The Funko Pop Soccer collection features some of the biggest names in the sport.

    Who is #1 Funko Pop?

    The #1 Funko Pop is Freddy Funko, the company's mascot. Freddy has been produced in various outfits and themes, celebrating different aspects of pop culture and fandom.

    Does Ninja have a Funko Pop?

    Yes, Ninja, the famous gamer and streamer, has been immortalized as a Funko Pop figure, celebrating his impact on gaming and pop culture.

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