Notorious BIG Funko

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    5 Produkte

    Notorious Big Funko

    Welcome to the ultimate collection for fans of the legendary rapper, the Notorious B.I.G., at ToyShnip. Our Notorious big funko collection is a treasure trove for collectors and music enthusiasts alike, showcasing a variety of figures that capture the iconic style and presence of Biggie Smalls. These collectibles pay homage to the artist's influential career and are a must-have for any true fan.

    Our Notorious big funko range features various designs, from his classic looks to more unique, limited edition releases. Each Funko Pop embodies the rapper's distinctive appearance, complete with his signature outfits and accessories. These figures are not just collectibles but also pieces of hip-hop history that celebrate the legacy of one of the genre's greatest figures.

    While exploring our collection, you might also want to check out other music and pop culture icons in our funko pop section. And for fans of different genres and themes, we offer an extensive range of Funko Pops, including the action-packed funko bird of prey, the globally loved funko pop soccer, the whimsical funko alice in wonderland, the mystical funko loki, the heroic funko pop dc, the harmonious nsync funko pop, and the supernatural buffy funko pop.

    Explore our Notorious big funko collection today and own a piece of hip-hop royalty. Whether you're a long-time Biggie fan or a dedicated Funko collector, these figures are sure to be a standout addition to your collection.


    What is the most expensive Funko Pop?

    The most expensive Funko Pop can vary, but limited editions and rare figures, such as those signed or belonging to short production runs, often fetch the highest prices.

    What Funko Pops are rare?

    Rarity in Funko Pops comes from limited production numbers, exclusive event releases, and discontinued models, making some figures highly sought after by collectors.

    What's the biggest Funko Pop?

    The biggest Funko Pops are typically the 18-inch super-sized figures, which tower over the standard-sized versions, making them impressive additions to any collection.

    What is the big deal with Funko?

    Funko Pops have become a major deal due to their wide appeal, capturing characters from various pop culture realms, including movies, music, sports, and more. Their unique design, collectibility, and the joy of hunting rare pieces make them beloved by fans worldwide.

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