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13. Feb 2023



The classic American cartoon series Tom and Jerry has been entertaining audiences with its slapstick humor and entertaining antics since 1940. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom and Jerry is widely recognized worldwide and has taken on many forms over the years, from TV shows to feature films. Now, Japanese toy company MediCom Toy has brought Tom and Jerry into the collector's world with their Ultra Detail Figure (UDF) PVC line.

MediCom Toy is known for their high-end collectible toys, including their popular "BE@RBRICK" line of bear-shaped toys. The company has collaborated with various companies and brands to create limited edition figures and merchandise. With the Tom and Jerry UDF series, MediCom Toy takes the fun characters we know and love and puts them in some of the craziest forms ripped right out of the cartoons.

Series 1 of the UDF line featured Tom and Jerry in their regular cat and mouse form, while series 2 took things in a different direction. The figures in series 2 were based on scenes where Tom would get squished by something or take on the shape of an item he was thrown inside. Series 3 continues in the same direction, with figures like frying pan Tom, Garden hose Jerry, and Bowling pins Tom and Sausage Jerry.

The Bowling pins Tom figure, No.667 in the UDF line, features Tom split into nine bowling pins waiting to be struck by a bowling ball. Each pin is about 2 inches tall and has great detail, with a face on top and great paint job in his eyes and wide mouth. The figure is based on the 1951 short Jerry's Cousin. The figures in the UDF line are made of solid PVC and are not articulated, but they are highly collectible.

The Sausage Jerry figure, No.670 in the UDF line, features Jerry stuck in the shape of a sausage. The figure is just over 2 inches tall and has all the mouse details, including little ears, a worried expression, and little legs and feet. The figure is based on the 1952 short Triplet Trouble and comes with a little stand for displaying.

The figures in the UDF line come in blister packaging that shows off the figure inside. The packaging features a large Tom and Jerry logo on the top, along with the Ultra Detail Figure and UDF figure number and the MediCom Toy logo in the top corner. On the back, there is a great photo of all the collectibles in series 3.

If you're looking to add to your collection, head over to and check out the Tom and Jerry UDF series, along with other MediCom Toy collectibles.

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