Unleashing the Villainous Heroes: McFarlane's New Build-A-Figures from The Suicide Squad

10. Aug 2021



The Suicide Squad has hit theaters and HBO Max, and with its release comes new collectible figurines from McFarlane Toys. These figures are part of the Build-A-Wave 5 release in the DC Multiverse, and each one comes with a piece that goes together to create the biggest Build-A-Fig yet: King Shark.

These figures are incredibly detailed and directly from the big screen, standing at about 7 inches tall with ultra articulation designed with up to 22 moving parts for a full range of posing and play. Let's take a closer look at each one.

First up is fan-favorite Harley Quinn. Re-incarcerated for making a cash withdrawal with her car, she buys her freedom once more by joining the squad. This colorful, cheeky psychotic still has all her deadly dynamic moves, and in her signature ladylike style, isn't afraid to manhandle anyone that comes her way. She comes with a spear, standing base, and a collector's card with a movie photo and character bio on the back. Her Build-A-Fig part is the legs of King Shark.

Next up is Bloodsport, a world-class marksman specializing in brutality. His hands and anything he wields with them are deadly weapons. Trained by his mercenary father from the moment he was born, this hardened criminal has but one soft spot, which of course is used in persuading him to join the squad. He comes with two swords and a display base, plus a collectible card with a movie photo and bio. Bloodsport comes with two pieces of King Shark's torso, the chest, and back.


Dourly dispirited Polka Dot Man is up next. Wearing his rainbow pus-filled dermis with all the shame of an acne-riddled teen going stag to the prom. But when he sprays his colorful dot, his sparkling spots can turn even the smoothest criminal into swish cheese. His accessories include goggles, polka dots, and a base, as well as an art card with a movie photo and bio. Polka Dot Man comes with the head and belly of King Shark.

Finally, a huge hulking specimen with muscles on his muscles, the Peacemaker. He is a world-class marksman just like fellow squad members, but if you ask him, he's better. He's more than willing to fight, kill, and even start a war, but of course, it's all in the name of keeping the peace. He comes with a sword, display base, and movie photo collector's card with bio. Peacemaker comes with the arms of the King Shark Build-A-Fig.

Once all four of these figures are unboxed, you can put together McFarlane's biggest Build-A-Fig yet: King Shark. King Shark is a metahuman criminal who is the descendant of an ancient shark god. Despite him being sweet and endearing, many dismiss him as a savage mutation due to his taste for human meat and loss of self-control when hungry, even when around allies.

In conclusion, all four of these figures are available right now on Toyshnip.com, ready for you to make your own Build-A-Fig to add to your collection. With the Suicide Squad's release, McFarlane Toys has created some amazing figurines that any DC fan would be thrilled to have. So what are you waiting for? Add these fantastic figures to your collection today!

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