Mego Monsters | Creature from Black Lagoon - Toxic Avenger | NEW PACKAGING

The World's Greatest Mego Monsters have returned and in something we haven’t seen since the 70s! 

The popular toy is now back and better than ever. The father of the action figure, Marty Abrams relaunched the popular action figure series in 2018 after an overwhelming demand. The Mego Corporation was originally started by his father in 1954. Marty took the helm of the company in 1971 and shifted the direction to licensed action figures, including the 'World’s Greatest Super Heroes' line and celebrity dolls, eventually setting an industry standard for 8inch scale figures with interchangeable bodies. 

Due to their popularity in the 70s, movie monsters became all the rage and Mego released their “Mad Monster series.” 8 inch figures of some of the most famous Hollywood monsters from Dracula to the Wolfman! So when the company relaunched in 2018 they had to have some monsters, and Mego brought them back, along with new additions to their HORROR line but the die hard collectors still felt that something was missing. 

Back in the day Megos were sold on both card backs and in colorful window boxes. So when Mego relaunched, they only used the card backs, and fans wanted the boxes! 

Mego listened and in 2022 they returned to the nostalgic boxed figures but only on select Mego Monsters! 

The boxes are back with Universals The Invisible Man, Hammers The Reptile, Killer Klowns Slim, Tromo Entertainments The Toxic Avenger and Universals The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

You can grab both of these in box form right now and the retro boxes were such a big hit the Mego continued to release monsters in them, now including the Nun, the Mole People, and Hammer the Reptile, add these and the other Mego Monsters to your creepy collection here at


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