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26. Jan 2023

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Sweep the leg! A follow-up to the classic film The Karate Kid, the hit Netflix TV series Cobra Kai is now in deluxe action figure form from Diamond Select Toys! 

Netflix just announced the hit series Cobra Kai will be back for its final season. Cobra Kai premiered on Netflix in 2018 and takes place decades after the big tournament that changed the lives of Johnny Lawrence and his rival Daniel Larruso. Danny is now a successful car dealer and Johnny is picking up the pieces of his shattered life, when he decides to bring back Cobra Kai - when Danny finds out he does everything he can to cut the head off the Cobra before it spreads. 

In 2022 Diamond Select Toys released its first series of 7 inch scale collectible figures to go along with the show. Series 1 featured Johnny Lawrence, Danny LaRusso and John Kreese, as well as a special Previews Exclusive of Eagle Fang Johnny Lawrence. All sculpted by Chris Dahlberg and Rocco Tartamella. 

Johnny was once the troubled rich kid of the Valley who started a feud with the new kid Daniel LaRusso, which went on for over thirty-years. His vicious training in martial arts by John Kreese made him a formidable opponent. After losing the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny's life turned upside down and remained that way into his adulthood. In an attempt to reclaim his life, Johnny reopens Cobra Kai Dojo and becomes a sensei to an entirely new generation of students.

Trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, in Season 3 Johnny ends up losing the control of the Cobra Kai dojo and decides to start a new one with a “really cool name” So Eagle Fang Johnny Lawrence is born! 

Bite like an eagle! Johnny Lawrence returns to the Cobra Kai action figure line in his all-new Eagle Fang uniform! With a stylin' new shirt and a headband on, the karate master is ready to launch his new dojo in this Previews-exclusive action figure! 

They do a great job of capturing his character right out of the show. This figure really seems to resemble actor William Zabka who plays Johnny. 


Standing approximately 7 inches tall with over 16 points of articulation, this dynamic action figure features interchangeable hands and a variety of accessories, all packaged in a full-color window box.

And remember he is a limited Previews Exclusive figure and he is ready to fight his way into your home by grabbing him right now.



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