FiGPiN Enamel Pins FAQ

1. What are FiGPin enamel pins?

FiGPin enamel pins are 3-inch collectible pins designed for fans to showcase their fandom by affixing them to clothes, backpacks, or lanyards.

2. What makes FiGPin enamel pins unique?

These pins are highly detailed, made of cast zinc alloy with hard synthetic color enamel, and finished with an electroplated nickel coating. They also feature a patented FiGPin soft rubber backer, enabling them to stand upright.

3. What sizes are available for FiGPin enamel pins?

FiGPin enamel pins come in three sizes: regular (3-inch), XL (6-inch), and mini (2-inch). Regular pins come in a hard case, while XL and mini pins come in a soft case.

4. What additional features do FiGPin enamel pins offer?

Each pin comes with a unique ID code on the back, providing details such as edition run, sequence number, artist bio, wave information, manufacture date, and rarity scale. They are encased in a museum-quality clear polycarbonate display box with a black ABS plastic base.

5. How can I identify the authenticity of a FiGPin enamel pin?

All FiGPin enamel pins include a laser-engraved alphanumeric serial number on the back, making each one uniquely identifiable.

6. Where can I purchase FiGPin enamel pins?

FiGPin enamel pins are available at ToyShnip, which currently stocks 427 FiGPin designs, including 35 limited edition variants. AlsoToyShnip has 8 that are XL size (6-inch) and 20 are mini (2-inch).

7. What age group are FiGPin enamel pins suitable for?

FiGPin enamel pins are recommended for ages 14 and up.

8. How can I enhance my FiGPin collector experience?

You can build and share your collection with other fans, utilizing the unique ID codes and serial numbers to track and showcase your pins.


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