Shop Smart: Best Place to Buy Toys for Cheap in 2024

13. Nov 2023

The Best Places to Buy Affordable (Not Cheap) Toys in 2024

Whether you're a collector or want to indulge in your daily dose of nostalgia, toys are always a great pick. They let you reminisce about childhood, and you're not the only one with a soft spot for toys. The industry is expected to grow to nearly $130 billion by 2028, meaning toys are more popular than ever. 

On the flip side, the vast market is also home to unreliable providers that sell subpar products for sky-high prices. Thankfully, you can avoid them by getting your toys from a reputable yet affordable brand. 

Read on, and we'll recommend the best place to buy toys for cheap while still getting a quality product. 


Kicking off the list is ToyShnip. As a well-rounded provider, it's the perfect place for anyone who needs high-quality toys at a reasonable price point. 


ToyShnip was created by a family of collectors with an untamed passion for toys. Their mission is to help fellow collectors elevate their selection with hand-picked products from reliable sources. 

Unique Selling Points

ToyShnip has many unique selling points, but collaborations with major brands might be the biggest highlight. The company works with Star Wars, Transformers, McFarlane Toys, and many other manufacturers, which guarantees high-quality, durable products. 

Product Range 

Complementing quality is incredible product diversity. As of today, ToyShnip has more than 100,000 toys, including action figures, Funko POPs, FiGPiNs, Beyblade toys, and WWE toy props. 

Customer Experience

Another great thing about ToyShnip is the reliable customer service. The operators are responsive and can help you with various aspects, including shopping, shipping, and tracking. You can also return toys within 30 days and get a refund. 


Any kind of shopping is hard to imagine without Amazon. This platform has countless toys for kids and adults, so let's take a closer look at the collection. 

Vast Collection

Few other providers can match Amazon in terms of assortment size. This online store is home to thousands of toys divided into different categories, including dolls, building toys, children's books, toddler toys, action figures, play vehicles, and many other groups. 

Prime Benefits

If you don't like the original price of a toy, you can get a discount on Amazon by setting up a Prime account. It does require a paid monthly subscription, but it reduces the cost of numerous toys. You can also get more affordable and faster shipping.

Shopping Tips

Millions of sellers flock to Amazon, many of whom are disreputable. A great way to separate the wheat from the chaff is to go through the comments section. Click the toy you want to buy and check out other products from the same seller. You'll see whether you should trust the offer or look for another provider. 

Customer Support

Amazon is renowned for its customer service. The operators are pleasant, and you can return your toys within 90 days if you're not happy. 

Fat Brain Toys

If you're buying a toy for your kids, fun shouldn't be the only priority. There are a bunch of toys to stimulate brain development, and Fat Brain Toys has just the items you need. 


The principle is simple - by designing toys with interesting textures, sounds, and sensations, Fat Brain Toys give your little ones a real sensory experience. For instance, their plush toys feel great to the touch, make realistic noises, and can even blow air to stimulate various parts of the brain. 

Product Range

Plush toys aren't the only type of toy you can buy from Fat Brain Toys. There are also pretend games, building toys, mazes, action figures, and many other products. 

Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience, Fat Brain Toys does a good job of streamlining your shopping. Its technical support responds fast and keeps you informed about its products and offers. 

In terms of return policies, you have 90 days to determine if you're 100% satisfied with your toy. If not, you can send the item back in mint condition, and you'll receive a full refund minus shipping costs. 

Uncommon Goods

The very name Uncommon Goods tells you what to expect from this online toy store. Here's what makes it so unique. 

Unique Offerings

If you want to get a collection that stands out, Uncommon Goods can be an excellent choice. Its line of products is unlikely to be found anywhere else, such as baby footprint kits, baby keepsake libraries, rock-and-wobble boards, DJ pads, and unique art tools. 


Uncommon Goods also stands out due to a large emphasis on sustainability. The company makes most of its toys using sustainable materials. You won't find any leather, fur, or features in their production facilities. 

Customer Experience

Quality-wise, Uncommon Goods provides solid products. They could be more durable, but the manufacturer prioritizes unique, quirky designs. Additionally, it takes the store two to three weeks to process and accept returns. 


Walmart is a retail giant where you can buy virtually anything, including affordable toys. The website is known for its wide variety of products and convenient shopping experience. 


If you could only use one word to describe Walmart, it would probably be diversity. Rather than provide just one or two types of toys, the company gives you access to hundreds of varieties. There are trading cards, Dragon Ball toys, Naruto collectibles, and My Hero Academia-themed products, among other things. 


What's also impressive about Walmart is convenient shopping. For instance, after selecting your toy,  Walmart allows you to choose the pick-up spot and delivery date. In some cases, you can receive your product in as little as 60 minutes.

Walmart's return policies are also robust. If you don't like the toy, you can send it back free of charge. It should take the company about three to five business days to issue a refund. 


Due to its auction-based design, eBay may very well be the cheapest place for toys. It's also one of the only ways to find antique toys that are no longer being produced and were tucked away in someone's attic.

Platform Overview

As eBay sells toys at auctions, you compete against other potential buyers. The one who sets the highest price at the end of the listing purchases the product. 

eBay's selection is large. There are action figures from various franchises, such as Spiderman, Thomas & Friends, Pokemon, and Minecraft. 

Shopping Tips

Shopping for toys on eBay isn't as simple as on some other platforms. Although this can be the cheapest place to get toys due to the auction format, rare finds can easily slip away if you're not fast enough. Unless you refresh the page on time and outbid others, someone else may buy the toy. 

A good way to prevent this is to secure rare products. Most retailers allow you to purchase toys directly rather than compete with other toy aficionados. You can do so from the "Best Offer" menu. If the owner likes the figure, the auction ends, and you're the winner. 

Also, don't forget to check the authenticity of each seller. You can do so from the "Feedback" section, which shows other people's experiences with the provider. 

Crate & Barrel

When discussing the cheapest place to buy toys, mentioning Crate & Barrel is a must.

Foray into Toys

Before we dive into the Crate & Barrel assortment, it's important to note why they entered the toy industry in the first place. As a home decor company, Crate & Barrel is all about making homeowners' lives more comfortable. 

Its toy collection fits this goal perfectly. The products not only decorate homes but also promote better child development. 

Exclusive Collections

Speaking of brain development, developmental toys are just one group you can find at Crate & Barrel. There are also activity areas, playhouses, stuffed animals, rockers, arts, and crafts.


The last entry on our list is a wonderful company you've heard about countless times - Disney. Let's see what makes it a good pick.

Magical Collections

Disney is the leading company for toys for children and adults who have fallen in love with the magical worlds created by this giant. You can find pretty much anything, from talking Captain America figures to Groot, Spiderman, and Bullseye. There are even figures from the Avatar franchise, allowing you to connect with Eywa on a deeper level. 


Another great thing about Disney is that it's 100% authentic. It's a verified brand that sells legit action figures. 

Tips for Shopping Action Figures Online

Knowing there are dependable toy companies out there is great, but not enough for you to make an informed decision. To do so, you'll need to consider a variety of factors to buy the right toy and avoid scams: 

  • Authenticity – Make sure the toy you want to buy is authentic. To verify if that's the case, the packaging should contain some sort of manufacturer identification. Barcodes, figure numbers, official seals, and branded logos are a few examples. 
  • Attention to detail – The last thing you want is a generic action figure with just one or two features. It should replicate the real deal as closely as possible. For example, suppose you wish to buy an Optimus Prime toy. Double swords, red wrist guards, and a blue helmet are the bare minimum. The more mobile parts it has, the more fun you'll have with the product. 
  • Return policies – Buying online toys can be tricky since some providers misrepresent what the item looks like in real life. If you don't like your figure, you should be able to return it for free. Contact each store's customer service to figure out if that's so. 

Unleash Your Inner Collector

With so many exceptional providers, it's hard to recommend the best place to buy toys for cheap. But although all stores bring a lot to the table, ToyShnip stands out with its vast selection of toys, low prices, and unmatched customer experience. 

So, if you're looking to expand your collection or surprise someone with the perfect gift, look no further than ToyShnip's online toy store. Whether you need mesmerizing Star Wars toys (be it from a Star Wars vintage collection or Star Wars retro collection), FiGPiNs, Transformers, or Funkos, the vast assortment will take your breath away. 


What is the best resale site for toys?

The best resale site for toys is likely eBay. You can find a wide range of second-hand or collector products, including vintage toys and toys for all ages.

However, if you want a toy that's certainly never been opened, check out ToyShnip.

How can I save money on kids' toys?

To save money on kids' toys, prioritize quality over quantity. High-quality products last longer than poorly made toys, meaning you're less likely to replace them. 

Where to buy kids' toys, not Amazon?

If you want to avoid buying toys from Amazon, ToyShnip is the best alternative. ToyShnip offers durable toys with accurate designs at competitive prices. Whether you prioritize quality materials or colorful models, ToyShnip won't let you down. 

What is the most popular toy retailer?

The most popular toy retailer is Amazon, which consistently generates over $6 billion from toy sales. Many people also rely on Walmart and Target, both of which earn more than a billion from selling toys.

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