The Best Place to Buy Barbies and Accessories in 2024

1. Dez 2023

The Best Place to Buy Barbies and Accessories in 2024

Barbie dolls were invented in 1959. The design has changed over the years, mainly in terms of the clothes worn by your favorite dolls. Other than that, modern Barbies often reflect various social movements and help raise awareness of certain conditions through different facial features. 

Although the Barbie doll design has evolved, one thing hasn't changed – Barbies are still as popular as they were 64 years ago, as evidenced by the recent hit movie, "Barbie." That's why you want to collect Barbies and related accessories or surprise your little ones with their most beloved doll. 

But you're probably wondering, where can I buy Barbie dolls and accessories safely without getting scammed? The answer is right here. Read on, and we'll recommend the best place to buy Barbies. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Barbies

Consider the following factors to find the right Barbie: 

  • Age – If you want to make the perfect choice when buying a Barbie for your kid, you should first take their age into account. For example, many sellers categorize Barbies into 4 groups: Barbies for toddlers (ages 1-3), Barbies for preschoolers (ages 3-5), Barbies for school-aged children (ages 6-9) and Barbies for preteens (ages 10+). 
  • Authenticity – The easiest way to tell an original Barbie from a fake doll is to look for the manufacturer's stamp. Today's Barbies should have the "Mattel" logo on the lower back or the neck.
  • Skin tones – Barbies have become much more diverse since their inception. Nowadays, you can find Barbie dolls in various skin tones, including Vanilla, Coconut, Peach, Cocoa, Honey, and Cinnamon. 
  • Accessories – Whether you want a regular or mermaid Barbie, try to find a doll with appropriate accessories. For instance, many dolls come with extra clothes, desks, makeup, headphones, and eye masks. 
  • Edition – Pink-label Barbies are the most common and cheapest dolls. If you want a premium toy, look for Gold or Platinum Barbies. The latter is the rarest series that only features up to 1,000 dolls per model. 

Best Places to Buy Barbies

It might have been months since you started your quest for your desired Barbie. Where to buy this collectible doll can be tricky, especially if you don't do your due diligence. 

Thankfully, this guide will do the work for you by revealing who sells Barbie dolls without trying to scam you. Here are your main options: 

Online Marketplaces

When looking for Barbie dolls for sale, your first stop should be online marketplaces. Widely regarded as the best place to buy Barbies, internet marketplaces are more convenient and have a wider range of products to choose from. Plus, you can shop Barbies from the comfort of your home. 

But keep in mind that not all Barbie retailers are equal. More specifically, try to stick to smaller providers, like ToyShnip, because they specialize in toys and action figures rather than sell any product that comes to mind. This usually gives you access to higher-quality dolls and exclusive deals you can't find anywhere else.

That said, here's a detailed overview of both large and small retailers, so you can make an informed choice: 


As previously indicated, ToyShnip is a reliable Barbie doll seller. The provider has some of the most exclusive, hard-to-find Barbie toys on the market. For instance, if you want to upgrade your collection with a Barbie Collector David Bowie or Barbie Dia De Muertos doll, this is the right store for you. 

Additionally, if you wish to enhance your posable doll with accessories, ToyShnip is the place to go. There are shoe packs, garments, sports gear, and many other add-ons for your dolls. 



Amazon is a retail giant that sells pretty much any product imaginable. Barbie toys are a big part of Amazon's offer. There are common and rare pieces courtesy of Barbie enthusiasts who regularly flock to this platform. Keep in mind that there are many unscrupulous, so you'll need to check user reviews carefully. 



Like Amazon, eBay is home to a wide array of fabulous Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes, and other related toys. You can even buy them at a low cost, thanks to the auction-based format of the platform. Just stay on the lookout for scammers by checking their profile and customer feedback. 

Walmart and Target

Walmart and Target are a real treasure trove for Barbie collectors and parents who want to surprise their loved ones.  They have a vast offer, both online and in physical stores. Plus, the companies often provide monthly discounts so you can snag the desired Barbie without breaking the bank. 

Toys "R" Us

If you can access Toys "R" Us in your area, you can get your hands on the cutest Barbies out there. From Fruit Series to Barbie Fashionista sets, there are all kinds of toys to add to your Barbie Club. 

Barbie Signature

Barbie Signature is a Barbie collector's dream come true. The website features exclusive Barbie editions and collaborations with popular movie franchises. 

In some cases, they even portray real-life figures, such as Wilma Mankiller, Jane Goodall, and Ida B. Wells. 

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

There are many brick-and-mortar stores that sell Barbie dolls. Whether you need old or new Barbie dolls, physical shops can be a good pick. The best thing about brick-and-mortar shops is that you can see the product before buying. Furthermore, the instant gratification of purchasing a doll on the spot is hard to describe. 

Local Toy Fairs and Collector Shows

Some of the rarest Barbies are available at local toy fairs and collector shows. They attract avid Barbie aficionados, who often have limited-edition Barbies in their collection. Some only want to show them off, while others are looking to sell. 

If you find a seller, a few negotiation tactics will help you get the best deal. Point to any flaws of the doll or accessories, such as faded paint, chips, and missing parts. 

Direct from Manufacturer (Mattel's Official Website)

Mattel is the official manufacturer of Barbie dolls and accessories. It's where all those Barbies you come across on other online marketplaces come from.

However, Mattel is also where you can buy Barbie toys directly. There are limited-edition dolls, dollhouses, playsets, and new arrivals. The website also categorizes the products by age, type, theme, and other factors to help you find your toy faster. 

Caring for Your Barbies and Accessories

Once you get your hand on a premium or cheap Barbie doll and any accessories, it's essential to keep them in great condition. Here are a few tips to help you do so: 

  • Clean dust and dirt with wet wipes or mild soap if the stains are too stubborn. 
  • Keep the dolls in their original boxes if they're meant for display. 
  • Wrap Barbies in bubble wrap or other protective materials when transporting them. 
  • Return dolls in a breathable container to reduce the risk of mold and mildew.
  •  Wash the doll's hair with lukewarm water and baby shampoo. 

Join the Barbie Revolution!

Whether you're looking for a Barbie to expand your collection or have a Barbie-themed party, knowing where to purchase your product will make a world of difference. Given the convenient shopping experience and a wider array of dolls, an online marketplace is, by far, the best place to buy Barbies. 

But not just any marketplace – ToyShnip stands head and shoulders above competing platforms. ToyShnip is home to some of the most popular Barbie toys on the market. From dolls with different skin tones to Barbies in a pink Gingham dress, you can find pretty much anything in our extensive collection. 

So, don't hesitate – head to our online toy store to discover a curated selection of toys for investment, including adorable Barbie dolls. 


What is the number one best-selling Barbie doll?

The best-selling Barbie doll of all time is Totally Hair Barbie. Launched in 1992, this Barbie doll has sold 10+ million copies worldwide. 

What is the official Barbie website?

There is no dedicated Barbie website, but you can visit the page of the official manufacturer – 

What are the best sites to sell Barbies?

Some of the best sites to sell Barbies include Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. These sites give you access to broad audiences, allowing you to sell your dolls faster. 

Where is the largest Barbie store?

The largest Barbie store is Veritable Doll Citadel, located in Shanghai. It's home to thousands of Barbie dolls.

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