Ultimate Guide to the Best Marvel Action Figures and Toys of 2024

Ultimate Guide to the Best Marvel Action Figures and Toys of 2024

The Marvel brand has become a household name over the past decade, moving from strength to strength thanks to its iconic characters and world-building. Much of this is due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that began with turn of the millennium hits like "Blade" and "Spider-Man," but truly began to pick up steam in 2008 with the smash hit success of "Iron Man."

Since then, everybody's favorite heroes have been emblazoned on everything from lunch boxes to T-shirts. And then there are all the wonderful toys. There are countless series and types of Marvel action figures and toys for all age ranges. From ardent collectors to young fans, from diehard Marvel comics collectors to Marvel Studios fans; there's something for everyone.

Let this article be your guide to the best Marvel superhero toys, action figures, and more to be found out there in 2024.

Top Marvel Action Figures and Toys

Whether you're an avid collector looking to round out a display or a newbie wondering where to start, here are some prime Marvel action figures to get you inspired.

Avengers Series Marvel Assemble Titan Hero Iron Man

Iron Man


What better place to start than with the legendary character that began the MCU? Tony Stark comes perfectly packaged for younger kids as a 12-inch figure. This toy is a perfect gift for boys and comes with a good level of detail, with a movie-inspired design.

The 12-inch toy is also built with durability in mind, and sacrifices points of articulation for a more solid build, ensuring that Iron Man will survive countless battles in the backyard.

Marvel Legends Series Figures

The Marvel Legends Series began life in 2002 and is still going strong to this day. It's one of the longest-running Marvel superhero toy series and has a wide range of beloved characters. Even though the series began as Toybiz and moved to Hasbro, the core features of the series haven't changed. All figures have meticulous detail and high articulation. Many also come with fun accessories.

The longevity of this series makes it perfect for kids and nostalgic adults alike. Here are some memorable characters from the range.Valkyrie

Valkyrie: Designed to represent King Valkyrie from the MCU, particularly "Thor: Love and Thunder," this 6-inch action figure has an excellent amount of detail. What's more, you can squeeze her legs together to activate a slashing action with her sword. The figure comes complete with some buildable components needed to create Korg. 


Thanos: Everybody's favorite villain is back with the Infinity Gauntlet, all in a gloriously detailed 6 inches. This item works well both as action figures and fantastic collectibles. Thanos comes with multiple hands and an alternate older face.

Unlike Valkyrie, this figure has the bright design of the comic book character rather than its MCU counterpart.

Black Panther

Black Panther: Wakanda is truly forever with these figures. The Black Panther-inspired design is clearly evident with these well detailed figures. King T'challa and his sister are brought to life, with both masked and unmasked variants in their movie likeness.

Captain America (Final Battle Edition - Avengers: Endgame)

Captain America

Bandai has pulled out all the stops to bring the First Avenger, Captain America, to life as an intricately detailed and posable figure. Part of the Tamashii Nations range, this 6-inch collectible toy represents Steve Rogers in the final fight against Thanos.

It may not be the cheapest item on this list, but it more than makes up for it with detail and famous accessories. The figure comes with multiple hands, heads, Captain America's iconic star-studded shield, and Thor's hammer Mjolnir to swap and pose as you like.

Details on the figure's articulation, accessories (whole and broken shields, Mjolnir), and swappable heads. It's perfect as a display model for recreating those epic battle scenes.

LEGO Marvel Sets

Since it first acquired the Marvel license back in July 2011, LEGO has been pumping out many fun and dynamic sets to delight Marvel fans of all ages. While there are simply too many LEGO - Marvel sets to list here, a few unique ones stand out:

Baby Groot was a smash hit with fans when he first appeared in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2." The LEGO "I am Groot" set helps fans recreate his iconic dance from the opening of the film by building a fully posable Baby Groot complete with a model cassette tape.

For collectors and adult building enthusiasts, there's Venom. This set recreates Venom's terrifying face in great detail, complete with his razor teeth and long, twisting tongue. The head can be mounted on a buildable display stand and is a great addition to any collector's shelf and a perfect gift idea.

Electronic and Interactive Toys

Playtime doesn't stop with LEGO and action figures, though. There are plenty of interactive and electronic Marvel gadgets that make great toys and roleplay accessories.

The Marvel Legends range has also branched out into some cool gear. A great example is the Endgame Infinity Gauntlet. This replica can fit on an adult's hand, and all six Infinity Stones can glow when worn. What's more, pushing the central Infinity Stone activates built-in sounds from the movie. The gauntlet is highly posable and works just as well as a display piece.

For the younger fans, there's the Hot Wheels Marvel Spider-Man Web-Car set. The "Spider-Man Homecoming''-inspired car is well-designed to look like everyone's favorite wall-crawler. Pushing down the spoiler also launches another car from inside, just like Spidey's web action. Its fun Spider-Man design makes it great for playing and collecting.

Collecting Marvel Toys: Tips and Advice

There are plenty of hobbyists, and all collect for their own reasons. The Marvel Toy catalog is massive, spanning decades, and containing countless thousands of collectibles. Here are some tips and tricks when starting out or expanding on your Marvel collection:

  • Know why you're collecting. Is it for nostalgia, or do you want to invest in figures that may be worth more later?
  • Decide on your budget. You'll quickly be broke if you try to collect every figure out there. Try and limit your collectible budget to a certain amount each month and stay within it.
  • Choose a theme. Maybe you want to collect all the Avengers or the Spider-Man rogues gallery. Deciding which Marvel collectibles fit your theme will save you from buying them all.
  • Shop around. The biggest online retailers won't always offer the best deal. Shop at markets or browse an online toy store to see what they offer and potentially find better prices.
  • Choose a display style. Do you want to show off your figures mint in the box or arrange them into fun scenes? Select cabinets or shelves that best reflect your display purposes.
  • Choose themes for displays. Your collectibles will shine a lot brighter if displayed as part of a coherent idea. Arrange your display by toy series, specific Marvel movies, or your favorite hero.
  • Take care of your treasures. If your collectibles aren't mint or in air tight display, then regularly dust them and clean their display areas. Be careful not to expose them to strong sunlight, where they may fade or melt.

Assemble Your Avengers

Marvel superhero toys and action figures are truly a joy to collect and play with. There's something for all ages, all price ranges, and all generations with such a long-running and beloved brand, and the recent success of the movies has only made it easier for fans to reenact the thrills of the Marvel universe.

If you're looking for the next item for a toy box or shelf at affordable prices, then why not give our extensive Marvel catalog a look? We've got a wide range of Marvel figures to help you recreate your favorite battle scenes with your favorite characters and live the joy that is the superhero world.


Are Marvel Legend figures good?

The Marvel range has something for everybody. It depends on what you're looking for. Marvel collectibles range from durable toys for kids to highly detailed collectible statues for adults.

Who has the toy rights for Marvel?

There are many companies licensed to produce Marvel merchandise, but the two big names are Hasbro and LEGO.

Who is the most powerful Marvel figure?

The One Above All is recognized as the most powerful in the Marvel Universe, but every character is powerful in their own way. For example, there's the raw power of the Hulk or the world-devouring abilities of Galactus.

Who is the biggest Marvel figure?

Marvel Legends: Galactus is recognized as the biggest Marvel figure out there, standing at an impressive 812 millimeters (2.7 feet) tall.

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