How to Find the Best Beyblade in the Beyblade Burst App

4. Sep 2023

How to Find the Best Beyblade in the Beyblade Burst App

When you can't do physical battle with other Beyblade players, whether that be because of distance or a lack of equipment, the Beyblade Burst App lets you battle virtually instead. Essentially a mobile game, the app links with physical Beyblades via QR codes, allowing you to scan codes and unlock goodies you can equip to your digital blades.

But just as in the physical game, success can only come from finding the best Beyblades. The app already has tons of skilled players ready to fight. If you're going to count yourself among their ranks, you need to understand what makes competitive players so successful, which starts with something simple – finding the best Beys to allow you to execute your strategy.

So, are you ready to become the master of the digital games of Beyblade? Read on to learn what's the best Beyblade in Beyblade Burst App for coming out on top in your online matches.

Beyblade Burst App: The Game Mechanics

First, the basics.

Hasbro markets the Beyblade Burst App as a way to bring the excitement of Beyblade Burst to your miniature screen. It's available for any device running Android 5 or higher or devices running iOS 8 or above, and it allows you to pit virtual Beyblades against players from over 90 countries in digital battles that otherwise simply wouldn't be possible without extensive traveling.

How to Play Beyblade Burst App

If you've ever played a physical Beyblade game before, you're already most of the way to understanding how the Beyblade Burst App works.


Because games work in much the same way in the app as they do in real life, starting with the division of your digital Beys into four types – Attack Types, Defense Types, Stamina Types, and Balance Types. The key to success lies in finding the best combo Beyblade Burst has to offer, both in terms of striking the right balance between the four main types of Beys and reaping the benefits of any type of advantage you have.

For instance, it's no use having a combo of Beys that are all powerful attack types, especially if your opponent has several high stamina or defense types. Your Beyblades will just keep bouncing, eventually losing stamina until they're easy to defeat. Just as in the physical game, finding the right combination is key, with the most intense battles usually being determined by who built the best team.

Battles themselves have two main mechanics – launching and meters.

Launching is simple. You tap the screen along with a countdown timer to launch your Beys into battle. Match your taps to the timer (the range of which gets narrower with every launch), and you achieve a "Perfect Launch," granting your Beyblades improved stamina compared to their typical base stamina stats.

After launching, you switch your focus to two meters – Basic Ability and Avatar Attack.

Both fill as the battle rages on, and you can collect both "Avatar Orbs" and "Ability Orbs" to give them boosts. Once filled, a tap of the screen unleashes a more powerful-than-standard attack, with Avatar Attacks being especially useful because of their ability to lower your opponent's Burst Meter as well as do huge amounts of damage.

Customization Options in the Mobile Beyblade Burst Game

The app starts players off with five Beyblades:

  • Spryzen Spread Fusion
  • Valtyrek Wing Accel
  • Roktavor Heavy Survive
  • Z Achilles 11 Xtend
  • Kerbeus Central Defense

It's not a bad starting combo, though it's far from the best Beyblade combo in Beyblade Burst App. Still, you get a good heavy-weight Bey in Roktavor, as well as several Beys that have solid stamina and attack for your first few battles.

But it's in customization where you start to compete in the best Beyblade games.

Every Bey in your line-up is customizable via an "Edit" option in your "Beylocker," which allows you to select your Forge Disc and Performance Tip, as well as equip an Energy Layer for your Bey. You unlock more parts with which to customize and build up your Beyblades by scanning QR codes from official Beyblade products, meaning you have to spend money on the right Beys if you want to get your hands on a Hercules Layer or Judgement Layer.

Thankfully, there's an alternative to stocking up on Beyblade products.

If you don't want a house full of Beys, you can buy new Beyblades, parts, and even stadiums using an in-game currency called Beycoins.

The Game Modes

If you're ready for a Burst battle, you get three choices with the Beyblade Burst App:

  • Battle League
  • Quick Battle
  • Battle Track

Battle League

Starting with Battle League, this mode lets you take part in dynamic battles against players from all over the world. You can join an existing league or create your own, in addition to taking part in world tournaments against other players as part of "World Events." These events grant prizes, such as Beycoins or new parts, but they come with a string attached – you have to pay a fee. Once you're in the tournament, you battle under single elimination, triple elimination, or 10-match rules, with elimination meaning you don't get a prize.

Quick Battle

If battling for prizes is a little too rich for your blood, or you simply don't want to pay but still want a chance of playing against a skilled blader, Quick Battle is your best bet. You can choose to fight against a friend or battle against a randomly-selected opponent, who may be anybody from a powerful blader to a newbie trying to get to grips with the game. A training mode exists in the Quick Battle area, too, helping you to get to grips with Burst if you're more used to old-school Beyblade design, and you can even run battles against a CPU-controlled opponent to get ready for playing against real people.

Quick Battle also has a paid component – Challenges.

The app regularly delivers Challenges to players, for which you pay Beycoins to enter with the promise of experience points and more Beycoins should you beat the Challenge. It's a good way to test your skills without having to dedicate tons of time to Battle League and its tournaments.

Battle Track

Do you need a way to build experience and get your hands on a few more Beycoins?

Battle Track is the answer, with this mode running automated matches between your chosen Beyblade and a set of random opponents for four straight hours. Battle after battle ensues, all happening in the background, and you get rewards in the form of experience points (Beypoints) and Beycoins. The former allows you to level up your in-game player and the parts attached to your Beyblades, helping you to get league- or tournament-ready.

The catch is that you can only select one Beyblade for the four-hour run.

For instance, choosing the best attack type Beyblade for your Battle Track run gives you a good chance unless you run into a Bey that has a ton of defense or lots of stamina. Thankfully, you're not booted out of Battle Track if your Bey loses, as it just refreshes and keeps on going to the next opponent. And if you manage to make it through all four hours without a loss, you get a bonus.

Exploring the Beyblades

The Beyblade Burst App features a variety of Beyblades, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Beyblades are classified into four types: Attack, Defense, Stamina, and Balance. For instance, Vex Lucius is known for its exceptional defensive abilities. Other characters like Triumph Dragon also offer unique abilities that can be leveraged in battles.

Our Favorite Beyblades

Are you looking for the best Bey in Beyblade Burst App? These six are among the best options if you want to ensure that you're a bad match for even the most skilled players.

  1. Vex Lucius: Known for its exceptional defensive abilities, Vex Lucius is a top choice for players who prefer a defensive strategy. Its robust defense can withstand attacks from opponents, making it a formidable Beyblade in battles.
  2. Triumph Dragon: Triumph Dragon is another popular choice among players. It offers unique abilities that can be leveraged in battles, making it a versatile option that can adapt to various game situations.
  3. Minamoros: Minamoros is a Beyblade that stands out for its balance. It's a well-rounded Beyblade that performs consistently across different battle modes, making it a reliable choice for players.
  4. Valchek: Valchek is known for its strong attack power. If you prefer an aggressive play style, Valchek's high attack stats can help you dominate battles.
  5. Spriggan: Spriggan is a balanced Beyblade that can switch between attack and stamina modes, making it versatile in battles. Its ability to adapt to different game situations makes it a popular choice among players.
  6. Louie: Louie's Beyblade is known for its stamina. It can endure long battles, outlasting opponents with lower stamina. This makes it a great choice for battles of attrition.

How to Find the Best Beyblade for Your Style

Your style dictates how well you do in the Beyblade Burst App just as much as the Beyblades you choose for your team. For instance, going all in on attack only works if you have plenty of powerful attack options (and know how to use them), whereas more defensive players may specialize in tanking hits with an exceptional defense until they're ready to go from defending to offensive plays.

It all comes down to how you want to play, with these pointers helping you to find the best Beyblades for your style.

Define Your Play Style

Your play style is a significant factor in choosing the best Beyblade. Some players might prefer an aggressive approach, favoring Attack Beyblades, while others might opt for a more defensive strategy. A defensive play style can be particularly effective, as demonstrated by the success of defensive Beyblades like Vex Lucius.

Or, you may be a player who likes to draw other players into long and drawn-out battles that sap their will and stamina. If that sounds like you, having a Beyblade like Louie in your arsenal is key, as it'll keep going like the Energizer Bunny until your opponent has to throw in the towel.

Ultimately, the most important question to ask is how do you like to play? The answer is your clue to the type of Beys that suit your style in the app.

Understand Beyblade Stats and Abilities

Every Beyblade you welcome to your team has stats.

These start with the basics – attack, defense, and stamina – and extend to things like weight, spin speed, and agility. Striking a balance between these stats is crucial, especially when considering your stats in comparison to other players. For instance, competitive players look beyond the base three stats to consider weight distribution, often creating a nice mix of heavy and light Beys so they can attack on multiple fronts.

Another example comes from loading your team with Beys that have speed tops. That's great for agility (you'll get some nice speed out of the tops), but it isn't going to help you if you come up against some beastly Beyblades that have so much stamina and are so hard to move that your speed doesn't matter.

It's all about balance, and that's before you factor abilities into the mix.

There's a huge list of literally hundreds of abilities in Beyblade, and you need to know what they are and how your Beys' abilities can counteract those of another player.

Experiment and Practice

How do you figure out which abilities stack up well against your opponent's abilities?

Simple – play the game and experiment.

Experimenting with different Beyblades can help you identify which one works best for you. Practice is also key in mastering a chosen Beyblade's capabilities and performance. Years of practice can help perfect your launch and gameplay strategies.

Better yet, the Beyblade Burst App doesn't have harsh punishments for losing a battle. Yes, you lose out on some experience points and won't warn as many Beycoins. Plus, you lose your entrance fee if you're playing in a tournament or Challenge, but you have room to experiment.

The "Training" facility in the Quick Match area is a great starting point for learning the finer points of the game and getting to grips with your team. Take advantage of the ability to play quick matches against CPU players, too, so you can learn some strategies and figure out how your Beys stack up against those an actual player might use.

How to Upgrade and Customize Your Beyblade

Upgrading your Beyblade can significantly enhance its performance in battles. The Beyblade Burst App allows you to upgrade your Beyblade, improving its stats over time. The game also offers various customization options, enabling you to strategically augment a Beyblade's strengths or compensate for its weaknesses.

Beypoints are your starting point for these upgrades, as you can level up the parts attached to your Bey (to a maximum level of five) to strengthen them for later battles. You earn these points from practically every type of battle, though Battle Track is the best way to do it because you can keep the app running in the background, training your Beyblades while you do other things.

Beyond that, you have two options – scanning QR codes from Beyblade products or buying parts and Beyblades using your Beycoins.

Power Up Your Game: Explore the Best Beyblades on ToyShnip Today

Patience is power in the Beyblade Burst App.

Most players don't have the cash to simply buy their way to success with toys and Beycoins, meaning you're in for many hours of experimentation and battling to find your perfect team and upgrade your Beys until you're a challenge for anyone.

The good news is that the app is a ton of fun. Playing is far from a chore, and you'll get to see your team develop as you play, giving you even more incentive to keep going. And if you happen to want to buy a physical Beyblade to get your hands on its QR code, the online toy store ToyShnip is ready and waiting with tons of toys you can add to your collection.


Which is the strongest Beyblade in Beyblade Burst App?

There's no perfect answer to this question because the best Beyblade you can have depends on your playstyle. You'll see six great choices highlighted in the article, though players who want to look beyond those six would do well to check out Perfect Phoenix and Judgement Diabolos. The latter is especially powerful.

What is the best Beyblade in Beyblade Burst?

Your playstyle determines the answer to this question. Louie is a better fit for a stamina-focused player than Valchek, which is more of a heavy attacker. Figure out which style works best for you before focusing on specific Beyblades.

What is the best tip on Beyblade Burst App?

Again, it comes down to your playstyle, though a Dash Driver is a good choice thanks to its "Burst Lock" mechanism, which decreases the regularity of Burst mode activating.

What is the strongest Beyblade?

Repeat after us – your playstyle has a huge impact on which is the strongest Beyblade for your team. But if you want a more general answer, try Hades Kerbecs for amazing balance, Galaxy Pegasus for intense attack, or Phantom Orion B:D for its excellent stamina stats.

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