FiGPiN Enamel Pins

363 products

    363 products


    You have several priorities when buying products at your go-to online toy store. For example, you might be looking for stunning statues with colorful designs and accurate color schemes. You may also need themed items, such as those from the Star Wars franchise.

    However, having a multifunctional toy might also be important. If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with our FiGPiN products.

    These convenient toys are both action figures and pins. As such, they can be placed alongside other figures in your FiGPiN display collection and attached to your clothes by the pin on the back.

    Besides being functional and practical, FiGPiN toys are also incredibly well-designed. For instance, if you choose a Marvel FiGPiN, you’ll get accurately built toys that showcase your favorite characters in their full glory. That’s especially the case with the Wolverine, Spiderman, and Iron Man models.

    Other than Marvel action figures, you can also find a bunch of other FiGPiN products with various themes. The Disney FiGPiN collection is especially notable. Whether Yoda, Han Solo, or Darth Vader is your beloved character, chances are you’ll get your hands on the FiGPiN version at our store.

    Once your search for the right FiGPiN is over, move on to other items and give your imagination free rein. Here at ToyShnip, we have a wide variety of collectible statues from different universes. Are you a fan of Transformers toys? Or do you enjoy conquering enemies with your Goku action figure? Either way, our collection won’t let you down.


    What is a FiGPiN?

    A FiGPiN is a toy that works as an action figure and pin.

    What are FiGPiNs used for?

    FiGPiNs can be propped up in your display case like any other action figure, and you can also attach them to your clothes.

    How can you tell if a FiGPiN is real?

    To determine if a FiGPiN is real, look for its serial number on the back of the toy.

    Can you wear FiGPiNs?

    Yes. FiGPiNs can be worn on clothing.

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