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Transformers Bumblebee Movie Power Charge Bumblebee

by Hasbro
SKU 630509714889

Within each Transformers robot rests a powerful core made of Energon. Without this core, charging up all that battling, racing, and (when it comes to Bumblebee) singing wouldn't be possible. Even the most tubular Autobots get their circuits warped sometimes. Help a bot out by getting his Power Charge core spinning! While in robot mode, spin the core in Bumblebee figure's chest to amp up lights and phrases. Then, lower the battle mask and reveal his signature Stinger Sword to get this courageous bot ready for battle against the Decepticons.

Convert to VW Beetle mode in 17 steps and rev the car to hear sound effects. Keep the Power Charge core revved up or Bumblebee will lose his charge and power down. Bumblebee flips through radio stations picking up new Earth lingo.

10 1/2-inch robot changes to Volkswagon Beetle car vehicle.

Ages 6+