Showcase Legends: Best Dragon Ball Statues to Buy Now

Showcase Legends: Best Dragon Ball Statues to Buy Now

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Dragon Ball is a global phenomenon. From games to manga and anime adaptations, this franchise has been one of the more impactful, making Super Saiyan Goku and his exploits practically a household name.

Naturally, this massive popularity led to the development of numerous action figure lines. In fact, there are so many Dragon Ball action figures that it’s hard to choose which to add to your collection. This article will explain a bit about the franchise, recommend some of the best statues, and tell you what to look for when choosing which action figure to buy.

The Legacy of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball has been around for a long time and has built an entire history around its characters and events. While everyone knows about Dragon Ball’s main protagonist, the Saiyan Goku, as well as his counterpart, Vegeta, it’s worth mentioning that the franchise has an impressive gallery of characters from various sides. Their adventures are explored in the many sagas depicted in the Dragon Ball series.

The franchise evolved from manga to video games and anime. Today, it’s also present in the form of action figures and similar collectibles. We will now go over the top choices of Dragon Ball statues for 2023.

Top Dragon Ball Statues to Consider in 2023

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Statue

This statue of Super Saiyan Vegeta is 7 1/2 inches tall. It’s a detailed piece of Vegeta in his Super Saiyan God form with blue hair. The figure is made by Banpresto, a respectable manufacturer of collectibles. This statue is made of quality PVC/ABS plastic.

Dragon Ball Super - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku Large Figure

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form - also known under the less complicated name Super Saiyan Blue – is one of the most powerful forms that Goku achieves during Dragon Ball Z. It represents an ultimate show of strength which you can now boast with this Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku large figure.

Dragon Ball Saibaman World Tournament Super Battle Ichiban Statue

Not a figure of the most famous characters like Goku or Vegeta, the Saibaman World Tournament Super Battle Ichiban Statue depicts a member of the formidable alien race Saibamen. Around 4 inches tall, this statue will bring a touch of extraterrestrial excitement to your collection.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Z History Box Vol.3 Statue Super Saiyan Son Goku

This depiction of Goku from Dragon Ball Z with torn clothes and battle scars shows the hero as he often looks after facing the most dangerous challenges. Over 5 inches tall, the statue shows Goku’s immense physical strength and commands instant respect to his Dragon Ball Z Saiyan stature.

Banpresto Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Vegeta Statue

Vegeta is the only Saiyan who proudly wears the traditional armor over his signature blue suit. This Banpresto Super Saiyan Vegeta figure shows him in precisely that edition. Standing at 8 inches tall, the statue truly makes Vegeta come to life.

Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Z Trunks (The Second Super Saiyan) Bandai Spirits Figuarts Zero

Trunks’ battle against Mecha Frieza is one of the iconic moments of the manga series and the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole. This fixed statue shows the exact moment when Trunks dealt the final blow, bringing this epic battle right on your shelf.

Ichiban Dragon Ball Super: Goku & Vegeta SSGSS, Bandai Ichibansho Figure (Vs Omnibus Super)

What could be more epic than a statue of Goku or Vegeta? Why, the two Saiyans poised together and ready for action. That’s precisely what you’ll get with this amazing figure from the Dragon Ball Super storyline. The statue is almost 8 inches tall and shows both characters in their Super Saiyan Blue form.

Why Collect Dragon Ball Statues?

There’s a crucial reason why people choose to collect Dragon Ball statues: emotions. It’s been a long time since Dragon Ball games and anime came out, and many of its fans are today devoted collectors. Of course, nostalgia is a massive factor here as many Dragon Ball fans have a profound emotional connection with the franchise.

In addition to this personal angle, some of the best Dragon Ball statues represent genuine pieces of art. The models we’ve presented here are done with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. In other words, the statues are often things of beauty on their own merit, even if you’re not emotionally tied to the Dragon Ball saga.

Finally, there’s the financial aspect. Some collector’s items can reach high prices over time. This can make purchasing the statues a worthwhile investment. When all this is considered, there are many reasons why collecting Dragon Ball statues is a good idea.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Dragon Ball Statue

Even as a Dragon Ball fan, you should refrain from buying any statue of your favorite characters you find. If you want to build a truly impressive collection, you should make sure to consider only the right items. Let’s look at what you’ll need to consider when buying a Dragon Ball figure.


As in most matters, you want to know that what you’re buying is the real deal. Before buying a statue, check it online to see how it looks and which features it has. Then, compare the item you want to buy with the review of the original. If they match, you can proceed with the purchase.

Getting a genuine product will have several benefits. First, you can rest assured you didn’t get conned. Second, an authentic figure will likely be built better and last longer than a counterfeit model. Finally, genuine figures can grow in value with time, while forgeries won’t.

Material & Craftsmanship

Most statues are made of quality, durable materials like resin or PVC, while some may contain metal parts or even be made primarily of metal. However, a material you definitely won’t find in top-quality figures is cheap plastic. Of course, there’s a good reason for this choice of materials – durability.

Besides being made of durable materials, the action figure of your choice should be created with expert craftsmanship, as all of the best models are. True collector’s items are made delicately and with great attention to detail. On top of being beautiful to look at, such figures will also retain value and represent a great addition to any collection.

Size & Display

When buying an action figure for display purposes, you’ll need to consider two factors: how large the statue is and where you’ll place it. Collector’s figures come in various sizes, usually between 3 and 12 inches in height. Depending on the size, you can pick the ideal place for the figure. However, this is something you’ll need to plan before committing to the purchase.

The reason for this consideration is simple. Suppose you buy an action figure but don’t have a good place for it. In that case, you’ll be risking keeping the figure in an inappropriate place, increasing the chances of the statue falling or being otherwise damaged.

Price Range

The price range of collector’s statues can vary widely between different models. Some will be quite affordable, while others can be priced at hundreds if not thousands of dollars. These prices aren’t arrived at on a whim, though.

The craftsmanship, materials, and level of detail will impact the cost. Also, larger statues will usually be more expensive than smaller models if all other factors are comparable. However, rarity is among the most important aspects influencing the cost. Extremely rare figures will often fetch steep prices simply because they’re not available in the market.

Caring for Your Dragon Ball Statues

If you want to maintain the appearance and, by extension, the value of your statues, you’ll need to clean and preserve them properly. Cleaning your statues correctly will include using mild solutions without aggressive chemicals. Likewise, you shouldn’t apply excessive force to avoid breaking smaller pieces of the statue.

In terms of preservation, many collectors opt to keep their figures in the original packaging. However, if you choose to unpack your figures, it would be best to store them behind glass doors to stave off dust as much as you can.

Where to Buy Dragon Ball Statues

The best sources for Dragon Ball statues will be reputable retailers that you can find primarily online. Of course, some brick-and-mortar shops will have action figures, too, but shopping for them on the internet will be more convenient and give you a greater choice.

When looking for collectibles, make sure the retailer is trustworthy and has a decent choice. Going with an online shop like ToyShnip would mean you know what you’re buying and who’s selling it to you. This ensures you get statues of the best possible quality.

Ready to Begin Your Dragon Ball Legacy?

Now that you’ve seen an overview of the best Dragon Ball figures and where to find them, you can start putting together your collection. To that end, ToyShnips will be the ideal source of action figures for you. Besides the famed Super Saiyan, our online store also has numerous artworks from Banpresto, as well as Funko Dragon Ball and other collectible statues. We even have some super appealing figpin Dragon Ball pins. Visit ToyShnips today and take your pick.


What is the rarest Dragon Ball figure?

The rarest Dragon Ball action figures are undoubtedly the Goku Yardrat toy models. These action figures aren’t only rare – they are downright legendary. The planet Yardrat appeared in various Dragon Ball Z video games as well as the Dragon Ball Z anime as a location where Goku learns powerful new skills. This figure shows the famed Super Sayan in the traditional Yardrat outfit.

The Goku Yardrat figures were given to the attendees at a Dragon Ball movie screening in Japan. The movie was shown at selected theaters, and there’s no account of how many action figures were given away. In fact, there weren’t many confirmations that the figures actually existed until some owners proudly showcased them online.

Who has 7 Dragon Balls?

No character or group has all seven dragon balls. Different characters held the balls at specific moments, but none could keep the magical artifacts since dragon balls disperse as soon as a wish is made.

What is the most iconic Dragon Ball?

The four-star dragon ball is the most iconic of the seven since it represents a personal memento for Goku. After all, it was his grandfather’s ball, and Goku later put the four-star dragon ball on his son Gohan’s hat.

What is the coolest Dragon Ball form?

While it might not be the most powerful form or perhaps the most visually appealing, we must give the title of the coolest to the most iconic form – the Super Saiyan. Sure, some forms may look stunning, like the golden-blue Super Saiyan Anger or Kaioken. Others like Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Rose may be more powerful. But Goku’s most famous form remains the coolest one simply due to its recognition and – let’s admit it – nostalgia value.

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